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Guy Surgically Mounts iPod Nano to His Arm (video)

Body piercing, while cool and unique to many an individual often doesn’t serve any utility.  Unless of course you’re looking to swing through the air by giant hooks attached to a crane – yeah, people do that.


However, in the case of Dave Hurban, body piercing isn’t just for show boating or flying high.   He surgically implanted (yes, he did it himself) four magnets into his wrist that serve as a mount for the latest generation iPod Nano.  It’s most certainly a unique approach to using this player as a watch, though this one will probably won’t show up as a Kickstarter project anytime soon, at least we don’t hope so.  Nevertheless, we applaud Hurban for his unique sense of style and sense of risk, since this will probably cause quite the turmoil with TSA employees, if not land him on a no fly list.

If you happen to be in the New Jersey area and you’re looking for the same “arm mod,” head to their shop Dynasty Tattoo in Newfield, NJ.

2 Comments to Guy Surgically Mounts iPod Nano to His Arm (video)

  1. J S

    They usually come with a clip.

  2. ZungoBungo

    Looks like that dude might jsut be onto something cool I like it.
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