Gunnar Optiks Edge Glasses Review


I spend countless hours in front of my computer. This often equates to poor posture, a strained neck and a set of eyes that feel like they’ve been staring into the sun for days on end. Enter the Gunnar Optik glasses. They’re designed to reduce fatigue and for all intents and purposes increase productivity. So does Gunnar’s $139 specs have the eyeball firepower to live up to their claims? Or should you be looking at Warby Parker – Best for Affordable Style?

Gunna Optiks Edge Glasses Review

Ok, so I’m gonna be honest. When I first strapped on the Gunnar Edge glasses I was beyond skeptical, and at first glance (pun intended) I was far from a convert. After all, I don’t normally wear glasses and the yellow tint didn’t exactly appeal to me. My initial experience with the glasses – well lets just say I found them more distracting than useful.

Then miraculously after a few days of use I noticed a change. Removing and the replacing the glasses from my face created a distinct difference, one that resulted in less fatigue and less strain. Not only were the images on the screen slightly magnified, but everything was crisper and stood out more vividly. This was most notable while viewing HD television, although the yellow tint isn’t suitable for TV watching since it changes the color’s hue, but it was a clear indicator of the Gunnar glasses’ abilities.

But like any good product, and good reviewer I did notice some drawbacks. Any slight smudge or speck will prove to be a distraction. Perhaps it was the 20/20 vision in me talking, but I found myself constantly cleaning these specs. Fortunately, Gunnar provides a nice case for keeping the glasses in stellar condition as well as a pouch that doubles as a cleaning rag. Also, you’ll want to insure that there is no light behind you as the glasses tend to refract light in a strange manner, which resulted in purple flares in my vision.

$139 might prove a bit steep for some folks, but for those with a tendency for sore, over strained eyes these are a fixer. They’re light weight and comfortable making them ideal for long term use. And because they are frameless (Edge and Bit Surfer only), those who don’t wear specs will find them less distracting and create a greater scope of vision. As mentioned, they take sometime to adjust to, so make sure you give your mind and eyes time to acclimate.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Improved vision
  • Decreased eye strain


  • Acclimation period requires patience
  • Flared visuals with rear light
  • Semi-Expensive

You can find the Gunnar glasses here and start at $79.

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