GUNAI Electric Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

This Gunai electric bike comes in at a value conscious price point while offering features in line with higher priced competitors such as the Ariel Rider Ebike. With a durable aluminum frame that can take a licking and 26-inch fat tires that help absorb the shock from traveling over rough terrain. The bike is also one of the Best Ebikes for Heavy Riders.

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Why We Like It – GUNAI Electric

The value friendly GUNAI Electric bike has an array of high-end features including an ultra durable 6061 aluminum frame and 26” fat tires that excel across a wide variety of terrain types.

  • Luminous LED headlight and backlit display
  • Durable 6061 aluminum frame
  • 26” fat tires excel on rough terrain types
  • 35-degree climbing capacity
  • Battery takes 7 hours to charge

Durability & Build Quality

Made from a durable 6061 aluminum alloy frame that can hold the heaviest weights regardless of if this weight comes from a heavy cargo or person the bike is designed from the start to handle it. The suspension in the fork gives further comfort as it absorbs plenty of force.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

The motor is great at acceleration and can handle a heavy load, but only has the capacity to climb at a maximum of 35-degree inclines. With a max speed of 23-30 mph a new customer might be rather happy with the speed of the bike, though when going up a hill steeper than 35 degrees will cause some problems for the bike, one reviewer recommended just walking up the hill.

Range & Battery

Though the removable lithium battery can get you over 30 miles of riding before needing a charge, the included charger does take six or seven hours to complete said charge, many who rode the bike recommended having a second battery just in case.

Safety features

With lots of praise for the luminous LED headlight and the backlit display coming from reviewers it’s unsuprising both come in handy during night rides, indicating more efforts to keep people safer than the Muller E Bike while the later bike can easily be fixed with a better rear light.


With free shipping in some areas and free delivery in others, this sports outdoors ebike is far cheaper than almost any of its competitors like the Addmotor Motan which just price wise comes in at about times the price.

GUNAI Electric Wrap Up

When it comes to any E bike no matter the purpose some of the most important things are reliability and speed, the GUNAI Electric is clearly capable of meeting those demands as long as you steer clear of hills and don’t mind leaving the battery to charge at night.

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