Gulaki Diffuser Essential Oils Diffuser Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re looking for the best car diffuser, check out our #3 choice, this Diffuser Essential Oils Multifunctional tool by GULAKI. This aroma diffuser doubles as a humidifier, comes with an extra car charger socket, has two integrated USB charging ports, and will work with whatever essential oil you put into it (just put a few drops in when it’s full of water). It’s the perfect size for your car cup holder, so it gives you extra USB ports for charging your devices while taking up a minimal amount of space.

Why We Like It – Gulaki Diffuser Essential Oils Multifunction

The GULAKI Car Diffuser Essential Oils Multifunction Cool Mist Car device (which also doubles as an air humidifier) is made for quality. This essential oil car diffuser is BPA free, easily fits into a cup holder, has two integrated USB charging ports, and even has a water line to prevent overfilling.

  • Works With Any Essential Oils
  • Has Two USB Charging Ports
  • Doubles As A Car Humidifier
  • Starts Peeling Right Away
  • Max Water Line Is Placed Too High
  • Mixed Results When Used As A Cool Mist Car Humidifier (Some Users Report A Poor Mist Output)


This car diffuser is an easy way to add a pleasant scent to your car. Simply fill it with water, then add a few drops of essential oils into this car diffuser. Essential oils come in many different scents, so your options are basically unlimited (if you have no intention of using an essential oil in your aroma diffuser, you may consider the YJY Car None Sponge Wick Aromatherapy Intermittent model instead)! It has built-in USB ports so you can use this oil car diffuser to charge your favorite electronic devices.


The GULAKI Essential Oils Multifunction Cool Mist Diffuser & Humidifier has a BPA-free construction that includes maximum and minimum water lines so you don’t over or under-fill the device. Unlike the InnoGear Essential Refresher Ultrasonic Aromatherapy, the GULAKI car diffuser is not powered by a USB port. Instead, it is powered by a car charger socket. Black is the only color that it is offered in, although this essential oils multifunction cool device does have a light-up blue ring to indicate when the car essential oil diffuser is on.


The GULAKI essential oil car diffuser & humidifier has an average price for the product, costing $19.99 (for a cheaper, non-electric alternative, check out the RoyAroma Aromatherapy Essential Stainless Freshener). The car essential oil diffuser has free shipping/returns, and unlike other products, actually has a warranty! GULAKI offers free lifetime technical support, a 24-month warranty, and will replace the product or give you your money back within 90 days of the purchase. This is definitely a strong selling point for this device!

Gulaki Diffuser Essential Oils Multifunction Wrap Up

The GULAKI Diffuser Essential Oils Multifunction device is a great purchase if you’re looking for something small to provide a pleasant aroma to your vehicle while also being capable of charging your electronic devices. It is very sensitive when it comes to filling it with the correct amount of water, so you may have trouble getting it to output mist initially, but once you figure this out you will no doubt love this product.

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