Guinness Surger

The Guinness Surger promises to offer the perfect bar pint in your home – or something close to that. It works by you adding a small amount of water to the metal plate, then placing the poured Guinness on the device. Ultrasonic pulses are then emitted through the beer releasing gas and settling the thick creamy stout for a picture perfect bar pint. We’re not sure if you really have to buy the Guinness Draft Surger Beer to experience the true effect, but hell, we don’t even know if this whole thing is a marketing ploy.

Available in the UK for £17.

The Guinness Surger [TechDigest]

Christen Costa

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  1. I got one of these for Christmas. It’s certainly no mere marketing ploy – they are amazing!

    At first inspection, my initial impression was that it was indeed some kind of gimmick. I thought that you pour a normal can of widget-containing Guinness, and that this unit simply helps the poured pint settle. “What’s the point of that?”, I thought. “It settles just fine anyway”.

    But the contents of the special Surger cans is FLAT, and when you hit that little button you get a dramatic “activation” of the contents of the glass – it goes from black to white, and then does the famous “falling bubbles” routine that you get with pub Guinness. And then you end up with, as far as my (rather Guinness-experienced) tongue can tell, a perfect pub-like pint of Guinness.

    Highly recommended.

    1. I am desperately seeking a place to purchase a Guinness surger after spending a night at a fantastic historic hotel in Hamburg Pennsylvania. If you have any ideas or info please contact.

      Thank You Lisa

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