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The GTPOFFICE Gaming Chair Massage Office Computer Chairis a high back adjustable swivel office chair that’s great for those times you need to spend long hours gaming, or get through piles of work at the office. It’s made out of smooth PU leather, and comes with an added seat cushion for maximum comfort. Anyone who might have a back problem will also be glad to hear that the computer chair comes with great lumbar support, making it a lot better than any ordinary desk chair. Get to the end of this review to find out if the GTPOffice gaming chair has what it takes to be the best massage office chair around.

Why We Like It – GTPOFFICE Gaming Chair Massage Office Computer Chair

To get the right game chair, you need to be on the lookout for features such as the use of high quality material smooth rolling casters, massage lumbar support and a high back desk chair headrest. The GTPOFFICE Gaming Chair Massage Office Computer Chair comes with these features and a whole lot more, at a price that’s pretty fair compared to most of the other gaming chairs out there.

  • Includes both lumbar headrest support
  • Well padded back seat
  • Smooth rolling coasters
  • Price variation depends on color


The GTPoffice gaming chair has a lot of features that are inclined to offer the best in terms of lumbar support, and this helps keep your shoulders and pelvis in alignment when sitting on it. For starters, the office computer chair comes with a massage lumbar cushion for lower back support, as well as an added seat cushion for extra padding. Depending on your preferences, you can opt to remove the lumbar support cushion, and enjoy the padded back seat as it is. Also, the high quality material that is used to stitch together the seat adds a soft yet firm feel to it, so you shouldn’t expect to doze off in the middle of your work or game. It doesn’t come with massage rollers like the Shiatsu Massage Office Chair, but it’ll still keep you comfortable enough to be productive.


This heavy duty reclining adjustable swivel leather chair pulls all the stops to make sure that users are as comfortable as can be. It’s got all it takes to be the perfect racing chair, and thanks to a high comfort heavy duty base, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in instead of sitting on this 360-degree swivel leather computer chair whenever you use it. It’s back seat is thick and well padded, and it’s got a strong metal frame designed to give you a very comfortable seating position. If you’re looking for something that can heat your back, have a look at the Homcom Office Chair.


Thanks to a solid metal frame, heavy duty smooth rolling casters and a safe height adjuster, this adjustable swivel leather computer chair can be easily adjusted to fit your preferences. It’s safe height adjuster lets you regulate its rocking function, and also adjust the backrest between 90 and 160 degrees. You can also adjust the armrest by moving it up and down, or even tilt it to an angle to get the best arm position.


When we talk about the breathability of the GTPoffice gaming chair massage computer chair, what we’re referring to is the quality of airflow between parts of the chair that touch your skin. This is important because you don’t want to be sweating on your chair after sitting on it for long hours. Fortunately, you won’t have that kind of experience with this adjustable swivel leather computer chair. Everything from its massage lumbar support cushion to its smooth material helps keep you cool and comfortable as you use it.


Finding the best gaming chair doesn’t have to be a hassle if you know exactly what you’re looking for. With adjustable height, padded chair high back seats, heavy duty smooth rolling casters and a weight limit of 330 pounds, this gaming chair massage office equivalent from GTPoffice ticks all the boxes, making it a must have for any player who’s serious about his game. If you’re looking for a chair that doesn’t have too much going on in terms of appearance but still comes with great features like heated seating and vibration, check out the Windaze Massage Chair Office Swivel Executive Ergonomic Heated Vibrating Chair.

GTPOFFICE Gaming Chair Massage Office Computer Chair Wrap Up

For any computer chair high back seats are essential to providing the highest level of back comfort. This GTPoffice gaming chair has a very high back seat, is well padded and can be adjusted over a range of about 70 degrees. The only thing that we didn’t like about this chair is that its price varies depending on which color you get it in, but other than that, we were pretty impressed with what it’s got to offer, would recommend it to any serious gamer.

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