GTA V Gameplay Trailer Released Today

The DEV team at Rockstar Games has gone ahead and done it again and hit one out of the park. Watching this trailer has me poised to disconnect from the real world in liew of spending countless hours in front of a TV screen with a controller in my hand. So much for that weight loss plan I was working on.

As you’ll undoubtedly find out, the trailer states that the new GTA V completely re-imagines and reinvigorates the open world game with several new features that have never before been compiled into one game. For starters, there are three protagonists, and unlike previous GTA titles that added new protagonist stories with DLC, all three are accessible on day one of play. In addition to their being available right away, you can swap your POV between characters during missions and possible any time you want during the game. The feature is supposed to allow you to get a more detailed sense of the story line and it looks amazing.

As usual, Rockstar has included activities to help kill the monotony of mission to mission gameplay, however instead of them being treated like distractions, the new activities have been treated as their own games. In GTA V, you’ve got hunting, cycling, skydiving, repelling, bounty hunting, real estate and even a dynamic economy with it’s own stock market. I’m sure it’ll still happen, but I think this time around I may actually play the game as intended for quite a while before creating a save point and mercilessly rampaging through the city.

Honestly, it’s as though Rockstar listened to the fan boys (and girls) and kept all of the expanse and detail from GTA IV (GTA V runs on the GTA IV engine) but removed the aspects that made it “too real” and “sim like” in order to increase maximum fun and replay-ability. Just check out the driving mechanics, do you see how fluidly the players car dodges through oncoming traffic? That was nearly impossible with the true to life vehicles of GTA IV, glad to see that Rockstar is paying attention.

To be completely honest, Saints Row the Third and the trailer for SR 4 had dramatically increased my desires and expectations for open world games and with this trailer alone, Rockstar both lives up to and destroys my expectations all at once. I mean, come on, Jets in multiplayer? 16 players on multiplayer? If this trailer gets me anymore excited, I may not make it to release day alive.  With 69 more days till release, all I want to do is head to South Park, CO and trick/force/ask Butters to help freeze me until then.

What’s your excitement level for GTA V? If you had to chose either GTA V or SR 4, which would you purchase? Sound off in the comments, we love reading your opinions. I’ll be in my bunk.


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    1. As usual, Rockstar will hold off on releasing the game on PC for several months if not a year. Part of some contractual thing with the Gaming Systems. They also feel that it cuts back on piracy.

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