GTA Online: How to Earn Money and Build Your Rep

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Updated June 27, 2022

Grand Theft Auto 5 was released September 17, 2013, to stellar reviews and eager anticipation for the multiplayer add-on. While GTA Online was released many months later for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One it suffered a glitchy release. The game’s developer, Rockstar, heard the complaints and fixed many issues with consistent updates and free add-ons. GadgetReview has explored the newest add-on GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony where players become corporate rivals.

There are two major factors in GTA Online that one needs to get ahead: Money and Rep.

Rep is the experience you earn while playing missions. The higher the Rep the greater the access players have to weapons, cars and much more.  However, the higher the rank the greater the cost for these items. Higher rank items can cost upwards of millions of dollars and even starting items can cost thousands – to new players, this will seem daunting.

If you are just starting out in GTA online be sure to use the Rockstar Social Club website for a free Elegy RH8 vehicle put into your garage. This car has fantastic handling and acceleration, both of which will be super useful in your upcoming races.

The Elegy RH8, your new free ride thanks to the Rockstar Social Club.

If you want to keep reusing this free vehicle you will need to buy two security items at Los Santos Custom. First is a tracker f0r $2,000, this may seem like a huge cost early in the game but these little guys can tell if your car has been impounded, stolen, or just hiding somewhere on the map. Next, buy the full coverage insurance. It carries another steep price tag of  1.25% of the vehicles sales price, an easy $4k for even cheap vehicles, but gives you the option of recovering your stolen or destroyed vehicle! After fully covering your car you will need to buy a garage spot for safe storage.your first apartment for $80k. This apartment, while not all the luxurious, offer a garage spot to safely store your vehicle.

The cheapest apartment to purchase cost $80k. This apartment, while not all that luxurious, offers a garage spot to safely store your vehicle. Later higher-end apartment can host more cars and unlock special abilities for late game missions. Getting to that high level can be difficult, the purchases we just described can cost a new player $86,000 just to keep their car safe! So it’s a good thing we have combined some of the best tips, tricks and money making shcemes below.

Car Theft

Tip: If you can spot a customized Vapid Peyote like this, you can turn it in for $12,000!

Pay range $3K-$20K

When your first starting out your gear and equipment is pretty limited. So while you may want to hop right into jet battles and sniping competitors, stealing cars is the best way to earn some quick GTA money for better gear.

The minimum amount Los Santos Customs pays for a car will be $3,000 without damage, and only every 48 minutes, so we want to distinguish which cars are worth stealing. IGN has a handy Best Selling Cars guide, which will help you spot those expensive cars. Custom cars are worth a bundle as well; up to $20k! But take a close look and decide whether or not you want to keep them.

Once you are familiar with some of the better cars to steal, head over to the Richman area. Keep a lookout for any Coupes or SUV’s as these pull in steady prices; around $4K. When delivering cars to sell, it’s important to note that damage to a vehicle will subtract from the total payout. For example, a car turned in needing a $300 fix will net you $2,700 instead of $3,000. So…drive safe!

On top of stealing whatever cars you can find, a dealer named Simeon will often text you. He is looking for rare and exotic cars to buy. Finding them may be hard, but he pays double so keep your eyes peeled.

Local Store Robbery

Pay Range: $1k-$4k

Your one stop shop for hiding your face

Robbing local stores is the next step to fame in your GTA Online adventure. It carries a bigger risk so we want to be well prepared. So before you knock off a store you should buy a mask to hide your face. The mask store can be found on Vespucci Beach, it has a giant monkey head on its front door so it should be hard to miss. These masks are purely cosmetic, you cannot fail any sort of mission by not having one.

Once you are ready to rob a store use the following tips to get in and out quick and alive!

To start a robbery just pull your weapon on any store owner. Stay focused on the owner as some sport a shotgun and can shoot back! If they resist turning over the cash, fire a few rounds above their head. Once you’ve acquired the cash, run outside and hop back into your car for a quick escape. The cops will be close behind you. If you don’t want to really deal with the fuzz, steal a helicopter from the airport.

Helicopters make it very easy to rob, hide from the police and rob a different store. Be sure to park the helicopter behind the store. If you park out front the owner could come out and shoot you down before you take off.


Pay Range: $2K- $20K (with a $1K commission)

Between robbing stores, stealing cars and playing the few available missions, reaching Rep Rank 10 should be fairly easy. At this level, you unlock bounties, challenging assassination missions against other players with large payouts. The bigger the bounty the more difficult it will be to take out the opposing player, so go in fully armed and prepared. To find a bounty just take a look for any red dots with crossbones on the map. These players could be in cars, boats, or even planes. You could even set a bounty on a target if you want, just call up Lester and pay the fee for setting the contract.

Killing the bounty is up to you. Hit them with a car, snipe from a rooftop, whatever you can think of. Just be ready for the player to fight back. Your best bet is to be creative. Some ideas use helicopters and dropping bombs or driving a car loaded with C4 in their general direction.


Your first race. Can you win it?

Pay Range: $5.1K-$20.4K (with fluctuations on game type)

Your first foray into competitive multiplayer missions, either group or solo, will be with Jobs. Jobs can be seen as blue dots on the map. These jobs can be races, deathmatches, cooperative missions, survival, and more. These modes vary in the amount of player allowed, cash won and even how to win at them. However, one thing remains constant: the better you perform, the better you get paid.

GTA Jobs
Hit pause to access Jobs, but keep in mind more open as you level up (click to enlarge).

There are a few different ways to start a job. The first is to just walk onto any blue dot on the map – those signify jobs. If you have been invited to a Job you can use the Quick Job app on your in-game phone to accept the invite. There is a third option select a job or choose a Playlist. Hit the pause button, go to the online tab and choose Job or Playlist. Playlists are custom and preselected lists of jobs that you can play through without stopping. Be sure to challenge your enemies and friends in game to win big a cash payout!


Pay range: $11.5K- $1.250M

Once you understand the intricacies of GTA Online you should consider starting Heists, as these advanced robberies, which open at Rank 12, are a great way to earn cash, meet new players and fully experience Grand Theft Auto. Heists are a series of jobs that prep you for one big theft. The 5 heists in the video game require tight teamwork and powerful gear.

You can join a heist from rank 1 if you have finished the tutorial. If you have held off, it’s recommended to start with the Fleeca Heist, as it’s largely a tutorial and only requires 2 players. This heist serves as an excellent example of future heists with players scoping out the store, stealing their first getaway car and finally robbing the bank.

Get the cash and get out!

While participating in heists earns some good cash, the real profits of heists comes from setting them up by becoming the Heist Leader. To start heists you must be rank 12 and own a high-end apartment. Just completing the Fleeca Heist as the Heist leader nets you $57,500 on the easiest difficulty! Keep succeeding in difficult heists and you can earn upwards of a million dollars on their completion.

Adversary Mode

GTA Online Make Money
Hunt players down in these unique versus modes, or try to survive as the hunted!

Pay Range: $30K+ (changes depending on success)

Adversary Mode throws the idea of “fair and balanced” out the proverbial window for the sake of fun. There are 19 competitive missions, which in turn generate uneven teams and uneven equipment load outs. Usually, one team tries to survive as the other teams will try to hunt them down. For example, the Adversary Mode ‘Come Out to Play’ has has three ‘runners’ try to escape their multiple hunters by reaching a safe destination.

These modes are highly challenging, but also highly rewarding.

How to Deposit Cash in GTA Online

Now that you have earned your money by piling through either small time store robberies, large bank heists, or the occasional competitive mode, it’s important to save your cash. Holding your cash on hand is pointless.  But if you do, and anytime you are killed in the free play mode, which is whenever you are not in a jobs or mission, you’ll drop that cash, allowing other players to steal it.

That said, you have two ways to deposit cash: first just visit any atm. Second, and much more convenient (i.e. the best option), is to use your in-game phone and navigate to the Money and Services tab to find a Maze Bank icon. Just open your phone (up on the d-pad), select Money and Services>main menu>deposits>select the amount>confirm. Done.

A sample screenshot of the bank’s website to deposit cash.

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