Welcome to the 2nd to last Grand Theft Auto Online Heist. Previous heists held some form of modesty and honor among thieves, Trevor throws all that goodwill out of the window. Welcome to the dirtiest heist GTA Online can provide. If you love GTA, check out our Unfinished Swan review, a short, cute, easy, and unfulfilling PSN puzzler.

Series A Funding

Drugs, drugs, drugs. That’s all this heist is about. The Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Heist Seris A Funding has you robbing multiple drug dealers, all for your own benefit. Be ready to drive aggressively, fight hard, and work closely with your team as a lot of these missions feature hordes of enemies chasing you.


This first mission features a big robbery on a private yacht. It’s a big fight with two teams. One, the boat team, will be raiding a giant yacht for drugs while the 2nd team uses the helicopter to provides support and the escape route. Ground team, be sure to bring shotties for quick kills in cramped quarters. And if you love beta testing on new games, have a look at our review on the Battlefield 4 beta: Hands-on impressions.

This yacht holds some precious coke. Steal it and escape with the helicopter.

Once the mission starts the boat team should drive to their water vehicles then head to the yacht. Park in the back of the giant boat to get aboard.

The helicopter team should land on the local pier. Using snipers and rocket launchers to shoot down helicopters and any guards they can spot. Inside the boat, the 2nd team should be doing their own fighting. There are packages of coke spread across the yacht you need to pick up. Best advice for this Grand Theft Auto Online mission is to steal from the bottom up, using the tracker in your minimap to not miss a one. Once all bags have been grabbed the helicopter will fly over to the boat and land carefully. Don’t waste all this hard work by crashing.

Once your helicopter is full, fly out to sea to lose your wanted level. Then land at the waypoint to deliver the goods.

Trash Truck

This is Ron, he wants you to fill his garbage truck full of drugs.

In this GTA Online Heist mission, your team will be disguised as garbage workers with full uniforms and even your own 6 wheeled garbage truck! You will need to drive to multiple locations and grab drug filled garbage bags. It won’t be easy, though, these bags belong to the local gangs and they will fight tooth and nail to keep them. This mission can be challenging, as you can’t use heavy armor while under heavy fire. Therefore have lots of armor in your inventory and use them to keep your armor full.

Take out the guard and grab your new garbage truck!

Have your two most experienced players be the Collectors, they focus on grabbing the bags and getting back to the truck. The remaining will be Operators, they need to drive the truck while providing supporting fire. The operators need to know how to get as close as possible to the bags while driving the cumbersome truck. We have some tips to do so below, but it would best to practice driving beforehand.

These are the bags you need to grab, be careful, enemy gangsters will hunt you down.

Once you start the Grand Theft Auto Online mission head to the garbage truck, take out the few guards and steal it. Follow the waypoint for your first pickup, then have the collectors hop out and grab the bags to move on.

Enemies start attacking with the second pickup. Ignore them as much as possible to focus on picking up bags.

Your third stop is Vespucci Boulevard. Have the garbage truck head the yellow marker for the bag to spawn, then back the truck into the alley near the bags for a quick deposit.

The last stop is a busy gas station where you will be attacked from all sides. Use explosives freely but carefully against the Vagos cars, you don’t blow up a teammate. While the team is fighting off the gangsters, back the truck into the rear of the gas station for a quick grab.

Driving to the drop off point will be difficult. Vagos will spawn from everywhere to take you out. Keep your armor up and bash your way through them. Reach the waypoint and the Vagos will back off.


This will be an easy stealth mission to steal two vans.

Stay quiet for a quick Grand Theft Auto Heist Success!

Start the mission and follow the waypoint to find a supply of silenced weapons, take your pick. Then use the nearby boat to travel to your next destination.

Once in the campground keep good communication and move slowly, it is easy to accidently set off an alarm. Once the camp is clear find the vans on the north side of the camp. Drive like hell to leave the camp as soon as possible. Vehicular enemies will swarm around you but they are easily destroyed with good shooting.

Drop the drugs off to finish this Grand Theft Auto Online Heist mission.


You’ve done this style of a GTA Online mission before; clear the guards, steal the trucks, and make it back home in one piece. There are two teams; the Ground team will take a truck each and the Lookouts hop into a Technical with a mounted machine gun.

Grab your Kuruma and head to the waypoint. Don’t jump right into the middle of the nest, do some sniping to make it easier. Then make your way to the vehicles with a keen eye, as guards can hiding.

Keep firing! Don’t let those trucks take too much damage.

Once you have scored the trucks let the technical lead the way so the machine gun can clear out the roadblocks. It’s a long drive home so keep your team close all the way to warehouse. Drop off the trucks a the warehouse for GTA Online mission complete.

Steal Meth

Same as the last mission, clear the guards, steal the truck, make it home. Have everyone bring armored Kurumas.

Find these trucks to carry a tanker full of meth home.

Start the mission and head to the waypoint. Stay outside the base and snipe some guards. Head straight towards the truck once the guards are reduced. If you are a capable driver, back the semi into the trailer to hook it up and to start a timer.

Drive quick, use dirt roads, and have your teammates cover you to prevent damage from enemies. Reach the destination alive and on time. Congrats you are moving onto the finale!


Compared to the other Grand Theft Auto Online Heist finales this one is short but very loud.

Protect the warehouse! There are drugs in there!


First, drive to the warehouse and fight against the waves of enemies. Make grenades your friends here, they can take quickly take out cars and gangsters alike. Then take off in the Bensons and Technical. Let the mounted machine gun on the Technical lead the way so it can take out choppers and enemy cars. Don’t run over motorcycle enemies as they can damage your ride as they explode.

Survive the ride, reach the lighthouse and you have finished the fourth Grand Theft Auto Online Heist!

Once the truck is delivered you can finally escape Trevor’s craziness.

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