Welcome to the final heist! This Grand Theft Auto Heist will test your communication, shooting, driving and shooting skills, bring the best team you can muster! As well as enough cash to keep your inventory full of armor, your weapons full of ammo and keep your car in great shape! If you want to take your online gaming elsewhere, take a look at the best free PC games too.

Pacific Standard

Prep your driver, practice your shooting and buy that extra armor because you are taking on the biggest bank in all Grand Theft Auto Online Heists, the Pacific Standard. Before you do so you will need to steal a post van, rescue a hostage from the cops, and storm a heavily armored convoy. Let’s jump right in! You may also love our review on nudity sex and other explicit things to find in GTA 5 NSFW/2.

Shoot fast and move faster. This is the last heist!


Find these vans! One of them goes back to the warehouse with you.

Ever have trouble finding one car in a parking lot? This mission feels much the same as you chase, photography and then capture one of many post vans traveling across the city. Bring fast cars and have a good means of communication between teammates.

Your team will split into two cars with a navigator and driver each. Navigators have to give directions and photograph license plates while the driver, drives. You will get confirmation on which van to nab once all the pictures are taken.

Box the van in with your cars, then have a navigator take over the car. Drive the van to the warehouse to finish this first Grand Theft Auto Online heist mission.


This second setup mission requires heavy armor, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers to face off against an island full of cops as you rescue a VIP.

Start this Grand Theft Auto Online Heist mission by traveling to the jet skis and drive close to the island. Don’t land, however, try to find a small rocky island nearby. From this l;ittle bit of rock you can do some quick sniping and use the rocket launchers against the helicopters.

This is Avi, your target. You can tell he’s a little nervous about all the cops getting shot.

Hop over to the island once the cops are mostly cleared out. Fight your way to the house and pick up your target. Leaving the island can be a pickle as the largest boat can only hold 4. So one of the team can stand in the middle of the boat while the driver goes slow, or have that extra member take a jet ski.

Either way, follow the waypoints up a rock stream to a lake. Wait in the middle of the lake to lose your stars without cops attacking you. Then beach the boat and grab a car. Do a quick drive to drop off the target to complete the mission.


Bring heavy combat gear for this bait and switch mission. There will be two teams, three players as decoys and one as the transporter. Have your best driver be the transporter as their responsibility will be to carefully drive of stolen gear away from rival gangs.

This is the server you need to get into the Pacific Bank.

At the start of the mission have your transporter and your best gun get in the white van. The other two will follow in their own car. When you reach the destination have the three decoys hop out and gun down the rival heist crew while being watchful for snipers.

When the crew is killed the decoy should drive the white van into the alley and park next to the black van. Hop out and steal the equipment in the black van. The decoys will then drive away with the black van. Convincing the rival crew their equipment is still in the van. Meanwhile, your loaded white van will head back to the factory to drop off the goods.

The black van will be taken to a safe spot and destroyed to complete this Grand Theft Auto Online Heist mission.


This GTA Online mission is another straight up brawl. You need to stop an armored convoy with bullets and explosives. So bring on those big guns you’ve been itching to use.

Load up with the Kuruma or another armored car and follow the waypoint. Once you reach the destination use your cars to block the bridge. Be careful with explosives when you attack, if you blow up the convoy you lose the mission.

When you are set, keep an eye open for a helicopter that will be leading the convoy. Snipe it and get ready for the big fight. Use your armored cars for cover and just keep shooting until nothing is left.

Once the bridge is clear have two players drive and use the enemy insurgent for the mounted machine gun. The other two should enter the convoy and drive away. Shoot everything coming after you with the mounted gun until you reach the waypoint. You need to finish off any remaining guards to move onto the next mission.

Shooting an armored car shouldn’t be anything new, right?


This is a quick mission to steal some bikes. Bring light armor and armored cars.

These bikes are necessary for your quick escape!

Start the mission, get into the bikers base, kill them and steal the bikes. A good tip is to not turn right out of their base. Instead, go straight and make the next right to avoid a good bundle of roadblocks.

Drive to the destination to start the last Grand Theft Auto Online Heist Finale.


Get in the bank, blow the vault and get out!

This will be your hardest mission by far. There will be three teams. One person will be the Hacker and quickly solve minigames, another will be Demolition and plant charges. The last two players are Crowd Control, they need to focus on the civilians and keeping the intimidation bar high.

As the Grand Theft Auto Online mission starts, drive to the bank without getting any stars. Enter the bank and watch the cutscene.

Once you are back in control have the crowd control duo take out the guards and intimidate civilians. They just need to shoot around the lobby to keep the intimidation bar high.

Keep the people down and blow the doors!

The Demolition and Hacker players will place thermite on the door to the tellers’ area and the door leading downstairs. They will then head downstairs to the vault. One crowd control member heads upstairs to handle any hiding guard or tellers.

Downstairs the hacker will use a terminal nearby the vault to start a minigame. Just select the red letters from the spinning list and you will pop open the vault door. Inside the vault is a big gate that needs thermite so let your demolition guy move in. Once the gate is blown grab any cash left in the open and regroup for half of this Grand Theft Auto Online mission to be complete.

Here’s your payday! Don’t leave a single bill behind!

Your team should meet by the main entrance and prepare for the biggest fight of their lives. Right outside those bank doors is a swarm of well-armed police. On your cue head outside and use rockets to clear cars and enemies. Switch to shooting while keeping an eye on your armor. Keep moving through the cops! If you hide in the bank as cover, you will fail the mission.

Continue fighting to the waypoint, where your bikes are waiting. Before hopping on the bikes shoot the crates nearby for some extra armor.

While these bikes are fast, they can be knocked over easily and you can be shot while on them. Use a car if you are not confident about your skills.

Before you leave, know that you have a choice between the fast but vulnerable bikes or stealing a much safer car that needs an excellent driver. Make the choice fast as soon as once member enters a vehicle the timer to escape starts.

Follow the waypoint until you need to parachute off a cliff. If you chose to share a vehicle your driver could drive down the cliff, if they know how to survive the fall. At the bottom of the cliff hop in the river to reach the dinghy. Drive into the ocean and to complete the final Grand Theft Auto Online Heist!

Take a and enjoy your cash. You are a GTA Online Heist Veteran now!

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