Already have the Fleeca Bank Heist under your belt? Ready to move onto the next Grand Theft Auto Online Heist? Then get ready for The GTA Online Heist The Prison Break. It features more missions, tougher combat, and teams that will split your larger, four-player crew. If you enjoy GTA, you might also be interested in reading our GTA vs Saints row 4 comparison.

The Prison Break Heist

First, wait for Lester’s call after finishing the last two heists. He will then tell when the Prison Break Heist is ready. Follow his instructions, invite your friends and watch the quick cut scene. Your new boss will explain the plan to release Maxim Rashkovsky from the prison.

Your boss, the one holding the picture, shows who to find in prison


This first mission is combat heavy and needs a good pilot in your crew. Prepare for this mission with heavy armor, big guns, and some even bigger explosives. Use our previously mentioned armor trick by buying extra armor, keeping it in your inventory, and using it when you run low. Once the mission starts, hop in your rides and travel to the McKenzie Airfield.

The plan is simple, eliminate the gangsters then steal the plane. But, be prepared for reinforcements mid-battle. You can handle these enemies easily by using explosives on their cars as they enter the airport.

Have one player hop in the plane to deliver it to the hangar for a quick cutscene and to complete the mission. You will get a phone message to continue the heist afterwords.

This captured Velume will be your escape wagon from the Bolingbroke Prison.


Grab this bus to sneak your way into a maximum security prison!

This is another robbery mission, this time, you need to steal a prison bus. Bring some explosives to take care of the cars and helicopters protecting the bus. We recommend C4 and the homing launcher. The launcher is purchasable for $75,000 at Ammu-Nation, use it for quickly locking onto and destroying the aircraft.

Once you are through the mission setup, hop in your cars and follow the waypoint. It will lead to a heavily guarded prison bus. Quickly take out the cars and helicopters guarding it. When you are ready to take over the bus, have a car drive alongside while the passengers shoot the driver. When you have control of the bus you have to lose those “wanted stars” in the upper right of your screen.

Stars represent your wanted level and the higher the level the more cops will chase after you. The best way to lose stars is to stay away from cops and other people. Do this by driving along dirt roads until you find a field to wait in. Remove or change your mask to instantly remove one star as well. Once the cops are off your tail, drop off the bus at the waypoint for a mission complete.


This Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Heist mission splits your crew into two teams. Two members will sneak into a police station while the other two steal a valuable car.

The car team needs to load up on armor and weapons as there’s a big fight ahead. Start the mission and head to the cargo ship. Fight your way to the final waypoint by using cover, keeping your armor full and covering each other. You will be led to a container with a lock that needs to be shot off to find the vehicle. Once you got the car, drive it back to the warehouse.

The 2nd team puts on their police uniforms in the mission setup screen and needs to find a police cruiser to enter the station. To quickly find one, call the cops by dialing 911. A cruiser will arrive at your destination. Kill the cops and steal the car. Then hide in an alley to lose any wanted level, then continue the mission.

Just walk right into the Captain’s Office to grab the documents, try not eat any donuts.

Drive to the station and walk inside calmly. Follow your map to find the paperwork then leave once you grabbed it. Your police car is now too hot to keep so you gotta trash it. Follow the waypoint to an alley and look for some close by gas cans. Grab them, pour the gas over and around the car. To do this, select the gas can from your weapon’s menu and pouring with the fire button. Shoot the gas to start the fire. Wait for the fire to take over and explode the car. Head back to the apartment to finish the mission.

Wet Work

This is another Grand Theft Auto Online Heist mission that will split the crew into two teams. One team will snipe two lawyers while the others sneak into a house to assassinate a rival.

From here you will see the two lawyers you need to take out.

The lawyer team will drive to the waypoint then climb on a roof to wait for the targets. Be sure to shoot both lawyers at the same time so one can’t run off. Once they are dead head down from the roof to grab the dropped suitcase. Cops will be all over the bodies by the time you climb down, so fight your way through with one player heading to the car for a quick getaway. Once you’re driving away with the goods, lose the cops and head back to the warehouse.

See Popov isn’t that hard to find!

The 2nd team will simultaneously head to a mansion to kill a man named Popov. Bring silenced weapons (some will be provided) to prevent alerting the guards or your target. A good tip is to use silenced sniper rifles to take out guards from a distance.

Head out to the waypoint. If you want to snipe head up the hill opposite the house. Once you move into the house, take out any guard silently until you find Popov. Kill him, then get out of the house. There are vehicles in the lower parking lot of the house for a quick escape. Head back to the planning room to end the mission.


With 5 setups missions complete, welcome to the Prison Break Heists Finale! This will be difficult as each member of your crew has to succeed in their unique role.

Be sure to bring snacks to refill your health on this field trip.

Start the mission and watch the cutscene as the boss explains each job. From there assign the role of pilot, demolition, officer and prisoner. You may want to read this guide ahead of time to know what is required for each role.

The pilot’s first objective is to head to the airport and get the Velume, the plane you stole, into the air. The waypoint says to head to Sandy Shores. Instead, fly around Los Santos to prevent enemy aircraft from hunting you right away.

Meanwhile, the two other players (guard and prisoner) head to the previously stolen prison bus. Once you’re both aboard you’ll gain access to the prison. Once inside, I suggest walking to the break in the hallway, hide, and then begin to open fire on the guards, provided things go awry. Note the guards behind, in front and above you.

The players inside the prison should try to get as close as possible to Rashkovsky without being spotted by guards. If they do, the mission will continue but now NOOSE, the highly armored anti-terrorist squads, will attack.

Your target will appreciate the rescue. Look at that smile!

The demolition player will have to steal and use the attack helicopter, the Buzzard, to provide air support during this battle. They should take out guards with the lock-on missiles and not fly directly over the prison. If they do anti-aircraft missiles will launch and try to shoot them down.

Once the inside men have found Rashkovsky and gotten close to emptying the prison of enemies, the pilot will safely land the plane nearby. The crew will then leave the prison. If the plane parks too far away, steal any car to drive over. Get the prison crew into the plane and take off. Enemy aircraft will appear, but the Buzzard can easily fight them off.

Fly the plane over the sea to lose any wanted levels. When your stars are gone, players in the plane have to bail out and parachute to the ground. The demolitions player will pick them up and fly home with the crew.

Congratulations you’ve finished Grand Theft Auto Online 2nd Heist! More surprises are in store so save up and use that cash you just earned in the Humane Labs Raid Heist!

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