As you may know, we like to share any especially cool Grand Theft Auto tricks and cheats that we come across. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want to ruin the immensely popular GTA 5 – there are some truly incredible scenes and stunts that dedicated gamers an pull off with the right codes and mods. So if you’re a part of the GTA 5 community, check out our top GTA 5 cheats, and then think about adding this one to the list, too.

This particular mod is all about standing – or actually about crouching. The original, vanilla form of HTA 5 was a great game, but it was also a bit lacking in the stance department, especially if you want to crouch and creep not only at specific spots, but also everywhere in the game.

GTA 5 Mods
Crouch vs stealth: Which do you want more?

Download the modification from jedijosh920 on, and you will have the ability to switch between crouching, prone position, and standing at will. If you press the stance button while you are running, you perform a dolphin dive for diving behind cover or into a crowded street – your choice.

As the mod description makes particularly clear, this is useful not only for more realistic maneuvering, but also for teabagging fallen enemies. Note that you won’t be able to go fully prone if you don’t have a gun equipped, but crouching is available anywhere, via the most recent update. It’s also worth noting that this stance button will replace your stealth button, which makes sense but is an unfortunate cost. You can switch back to the stealth button in settings, so learn how to do that before you come across any stealth scenario.

The download is also totally free, as are many worthwhile GTA 5 mods, so head on over and try it out if you’ve been missing a stance change!

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