GTA 5 Holiday Update: Fireworks, Snowballs, and More

Merry Christmas, Grand Theft Auto fans! The latest installment in the series, GTA 5, has released a massive December patch for all you dedicated players.

The update, which hit on December 18th, includes a massive number of changes, but one of the biggest is a whole slew of holiday-oriented additions to the sandbox game. Players can now don some truly horrible Christmas sweaters, wear Santa hats or Gingerbread masks, and throw snowballs (killer snowballs, obviously) in the unexpected blizzard hitting Los Santos over the holidays.

There are, appropriately a couple new Christmas-themed vehicles that GTA 5 players can pick up, and through January 5th unique collectible drops will spawn at random around the game. There are also a few much more specific updates. On Christmas day RockStar Games has promised special Christmas gifts for players, and for several days on either side of New Year’s people will be able to use the special Firework launcher.

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But the Christmas additions are only a few of the updates that are changing gameplay around the GTA universe. Players can access homing missile launchers and proximity mines to create more mayhem on the streets, and several new settings change everything from first-person aiming to camera movement (fortunately, these are optional). Other miscellaneous content, from new chute bags to new tattoos, have also been added, and a number of bugs have been addressed.

All in all, happy holidays to you GTA 5 players! The patch should download automatically across any console platform you are using, if it hasn’t already.

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  1. Rockstar can I have the Christmas update because I wasn’t here so can you put in the game so I can buy or can you just give me abominable snowman mask and can you give me last year mask it was a Red one please can you do this rockstar please Thank you

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