Grush Smart Toothbrush Trains Kids with Brushing Games

Grush, despite sounding like Groot’s younger cousin, is the latest smart toothbrush solution for kids who still need some training when learning how to keep their teeth white and cavity-free.

While many smart toothbrushes simply play a simple song or offer only basic tracking, Grush the “gaming toothbrush” stands out by offering much deeper features for tooth cleaning. Any dentist would approve of the Bluetooth motion sensor, which allows parents to track just how kids are brush and offer training on better motions to get a better, healthier clean. Over time the toothbrush can even keep track of brushing habits and report back to parents via a handy app that can show not only how often kids brush, but how well they brush too.

But the Grush also offers several features for kids, too. Trust them with a smartphone (Grush shows one attached smartly to a bathroom mirror), and they can use the Grush app to play a variety of brushing games. This is where the smart toothbrush gets very cool, because the games actually sync up with the brushing strokes that kids make, awarding them points for brushing the right way and building their Grush Factor. Grush Factors and other information are uploaded to the cloud so parents can track from a variety of devices.

The games, if you were curious, vary from playing an orchestra to brushing a pet giraffe to chasing monsters across your teeth. Grush promises add-ons and holiday packs to keep the games updated as time passes.

If the brush is successful, kids will get 30 seconds of good brush time for each quadrant of their mouth with proper angles and brushstrokes. If you think this is worth paying a bit more for, than know that the Grush will ship in early 2015. You can preorder one now for $60 from the Grush website…but make sure that you have a kid-friendly smartphone or tablet that can be used at the sink before you choose to buy.

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