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Grumpy Cat This is Not

Well, this is kind of creepy.  What you’re looking at is an animatronic.  It’s part of the something called the Joy For All companion pet line.  Yes, you read that right.  Okay, maybe that’s not so jaw dropping.  But perhaps this will sober you up to what’s going on.

These cats, which I emphasize again are robotic, are made by Hasbro, the toy maker.  But instead of targeting these at kids, they’re intended for use by the lonely elderly.  Don’t believe me? Check out the packaging below.  Sure, the kids are in on it, but the intended target is good old blu haired grandma.

Hasbro Robotic Cat

The Hasbro Robotic Cat is clearly targeted at the elderly.

Using something that Hasbro has affectionately called VibraPurr, these cats, three models in total, will purr like a real feline when you rub the back of its head.  Pet its cheek, and like a real cat it will nuzzle its face further into your hand.  Or if you wanna go for gold, keep petting and this undead like monster just shy of , will flip over allowing you to go deep in the belly rub game. Discontinue the rub down and the cat will recede into nap time.

I know I’m being a bit derogatory in tone here, but at the end of the day, Hasbro is doing this with a some what altruistic endeavor in mind; old folks get money and then weird stuff happens.  So maybe robotic cat ain’t such a bad idea.

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