GRM iMortor 3.0 Review

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Updated January 30, 2023
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Compared to a regular bike, there are many advantages that you stand to enjoy using an electric bike or an e-bike. You’ll be able to exert less force when propelling the bike to move forward, which means you get to preserve a lot more energy compared to what you would have used when riding a typical mountain bike. If you’re a regular leisure bike user, then, fortunately, you won’t need to buy a brand-new electric bike to enjoy this better experience. All you’ll have to do is get an e-bike conversion kit like the GRM iMortor 3.0. It’s a bike wheel that’s meant to be attached to the front fork of your bike, and installing it is pretty straightforward. Could it be the best electric bike conversion kit for you? Let’s have a closer look at what this eBike Conversion Kit has to offer and find out.

Why We Like It – GRM iMortor 3.0

The GRM iMortor 3.0 is an electric bike conversion kit that is app-based, and this would be to say that you’ll have to download an iOS or Android app to operationalize it. The kit is also one of the easiest to install, so you shouldn’t have a hard time getting it to work.

  • Easy to install
  • Has both an Android & iOS app
  • Waterproof
  • No Display

Durability & Build Quality

The GRM iMotor 3.0 is of decent build quality, and since it’s also effortless to install, you shouldn’t have any problems fixing it into the front part of your bike. Its build quality is beyond reproach, so it should survive a couple of bike falls without coming apart. The GRM iMortor bike conversion kit also has a maximum weight capacity of up to 369 pounds and only requires one button push to get it working.


There are up to 5 different speed modes on the GRM iMortor 3.0 electric bike wheel. These are Physical Exercise, Eco mode, Economy, Sports, and Climbing, in ascending order of pedaling difficulty. The conversion kit boasts a top speed of up to 40 km/hr, making it a lot faster than the Hill Topper Sprinter electric bike kit, which averages about 25km/hr.

If you want an electric bike that can carry two bikes so that you and a friend or loved one can tag along, try the  Hollywood Sport Rider.

Range & Battery

The GRM iMotor 3.0 bike kit runs on a lithium battery, and this battery will keep your bike going for up to 30km before you need to do a recharge. The battery is also detachable and can be charged via USB. You shouldn’t worry if you ride over wet terrain since the whole hub motor also happens to be waterproof and boasts an IP65 rating. This makes it more of a better choice compared to the Hill Topper Sprinter Electric Bike Kit. Additionally, if you need more range from your bike, the Gunai Electric ebike boasts a 30-mile range.

Safety Features

All the ports (USB port, Charging port, Display port) on the GRM iMortor bicycle front wheel are protected by a plastic front covering, and this protects the ports from any external harm. When riding, you’ll also be able to switch the bike onto assistance mode, where you can choose to have either pure electric cycling or a full pedal assistant to make movement a lot easier. Unlike the Bafang mid-drive review kit, there’s no LCD on the GRM iMortor, and this is also quite convenient since you won’t have to get distracted by it as you’re riding.


There’s a lot of value in installing an electric bike front wheel kit on your bike. Doing so will make sure you use less overall effort, especially as someone that doesn’t want to get wherever they’re going, all sweaty and tired. Also, as you’ll see with the Hilltopper Horizon conversion kit and other related products, most front-wheel conversion kits tend to be quite expensive. At about $500, the GRM bike wheel conversion kit is significantly cheaper while still being a high-quality product. Additionally, the Goplus conversion kit is another option you can check out, but it should be noted that it does not come with a battery like the GRM iMortor 3.0 does.

GRM iMortor 3.0 Wrap Up

By nature of the fact that a lot of positive customer reviews have been left by first-time buyers of the GRM iMortor kit, we can easily deduce that it is a reliable and affordable alternative, but if you’re still in doubt, feel encouraged to read through some of the comments left by new buyers.

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