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Updated September 20, 2022

Comparing a grinder vs a blender requires little technical knowledge. There are a few categories most consumers are interested in, such as ingredients they can handle preparing. Both products can run a gamut of tasks, however. Most households are better suited to investing in a blender for a wider variety of abilities. Make sure you do your research into the best blenders on the market before investing your money.


  • A grinder is the best option for those who grind fresh spices and seasonings or want finely ground coffee in the morning.
  • A blender offers far more versatility when it comes to food and ingredient preparation.
  • Both are fantastic kitchen gadgets, but the blender wins in far more areas, making it a better option for most people choosing between the two.

Comparing a Grinder to a Blender

Comparing a grinder vs a blender is an easy process. While there is little technical knowledge required, you will only need to understand a little about motors. This is a common theme, and your knowledge will build as you research further. For example, understanding blender motor RPM vs torque is essential when shopping for blenders.

Insider Tip

Several systems provide both a grinder and blender in one appliance, saving money and counter space.

Where Each Electronic Appliance Compares

Every household appliance has advantages and drawbacks. When it comes to grinders and blenders, you can contrast these electronic appliances easily. There are a few key differences, such as their purpose and what meals they can help provide. A grinder will provide fresh coffee grounds for breakfast, while a blender is suited to fresh smoothies. If you’re looking for better ways to make smoothies, read our article comparing a blender vs a smoothie machine. Alternatively, if you are more a milkshake lover than smoothies, you can compare a milkshake mixer vs a blender.

Combination of Food Ingredients

When it comes to the mixing and beating of food ingredients, food blenders are the clear winner. A countertop blender can combine an endless variety of different ingredients. A grinder will not combine ingredients, instead pulverizing them completely.

Pulverization of Food Ingredients

A grinder can easily pulverize fresh spices into powder, creating homemade seasonings. It can also provide coffee grounds. Even the most powerful blender cannot truly compare with a grinder. While you can use a food blender for grinding, you cannot truly pulverize hard ingredients with it. However, if you deal with a lot of baking ingredients like flour, you may want to compare a grain mill vs a blender to see which will be more beneficial.

Types of Foods Reliably Handled

Blenders will be able to handle far more types of foods than a grinder can. Your blender will consistently help you make any dish with dinner you desire, from frozen fruits to cooked meat. Grinders are better used for ingredients that need pulverization, like raw spices or coffee beans.

Range of Cooking Tasks

These electronic appliances have significant differences when it comes to the culinary help they lend. A grinder comes in handy only on occasion in most households. After all, how often do you grind your spice instead of using pre-ground spices? A blender can make frozen fruits into delicious smoothies, mix pureed soups, chop salsa ingredients, and more. Additionally, if you make a lot of frozen treats or smoothies, you should be sure to consider one of the top-rated blenders for crushing ice to ensure a smooth consistency. Alternatively, if you make a lot of soups, you should consider our comparison of a liquidizer vs a blender to see which purees your ingredients better for you.

Overall Motor Rating

Both a grinder and food blender have an electric motor. You measure power in watts, and either kitchen appliance is comparable when it comes to available watts. Grinders do tend to have a slightly more powerful motor. However, this category comes down to a draw.


Be careful when grinding coffee beans with a blender since this can dull or damage a blender’s blades.


What is the difference between a burr grinder and a blade grinder?

If you want a cup of fresh coffee that’s coffee shop-worthy, the burr grinder is a better choice. A burr grinder uses two abrasive surfaces to grind, while a blade grinder chops with high-speed rotating blades.

What types of blenders can be used as a coffee grinder?

Food blenders can’t do what a coffee grinder can. However, coffee lovers can use them as a fallback for their morning cup of coffee when necessary. The metal blade in a food blender will produce freshly ground coffee, but it will be lumpy.

Are blade coffee grinders bad?

A blade grinder isn’t necessarily bad. It just doesn’t compare with a burr grinder

What types of burr grinders are there?

A burr grinder comes in multiple varieties:

  • Conical Burr Grinders
  • Electric Burr Grinders
  • Flat Burr Grinders

STAT: In July 2019, 62% of respondents said they regularly use a toaster in their kitchen. (source)

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