Never Clean Your Grill Again, Let A Grillbot Do It Instead | Gadget Review

Never Clean Your Grill Again, Let A Grillbot Do It Instead


There are some chores we all hate to do. For grill masters everywhere, we’re sure it’s having to clean the grill after an amazing grill session. We don’t blame you; we’d be tired, too, after feasting on delicious BBQ. If you’re a grill master who hates clean up, then you need to get yourself a Grillbot. Creator Ethan Woods didn’t like cleaning his grill either so he came up with the heat-resistant plastic Grillbot that features three independent motors, in addition to three rotary brass or stainless steel brushes that spin as it cruises in a repetitive, random pattern across your grill’s surface. The Grillbot will clean your grill in about 30 minutes or less and all you have to do is put it on the grate and close the grill’s led. And if the grill gets hotter than 250 degrees, the device has a sensor that will set of an alarm. It also has a smart computer brain to regulate speed and direction and can be recharged with an ac adapter. The black version goes for $129.95.

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