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Trying to find the greatest air purifier can be a daunting task considering the sheer volume of them out there. Should you get the best filterless air purifier, best ionic air purifier, or best plug-in air purifier? Fortunately, there’s the GreenTech Air Purifier which, despite some missteps, should cover at least one of these bases.

Why We Like It – GreenTech Air Purifier

The GreenTech Air Purifier is an absolute powerhouse for such a condensed little unit. It can cover a fairly decent room size that’s even bigger than other air purifiers, two or three times its size. Further, it can easily eliminate many odors, from bacteria to pet danders.

  • Low-Level Energy Consumption
  • Good Coverage
  • Eliminates an Impressive Amount of Odors
  • Still Need Multiple if you Want a Whole House Clean
  • Loud
  • Lasts Only a Couple of Months


Like the GermGuardian, Greentech Air Purifiers work fast and have a dial to adjust speed settings depending on the size of the room. Obviously, you’d want smaller air purification settings for smaller rooms and high mode for larger rooms. It also works great if you want clean air on budget as it only consumes 3 watts of power when it’s on. If you’re interested, you can also check out the Airfree Air Purifier for fresh air on budget-level energy consumption too.


The GreenTech Environmental PureAir can improve the indoor air quality of a room of about 325 square feet. Compared to its competition, Such as the AirFree P100, this is actually quite impressive. It won’t give you whole-home coverage, but it will leave the room air of whatever room you put it in very fresh and clean. You can also read our comparison of an air purifier vs open window to see how the efficiency may be affected.


One of the draws of this purifier is that it’s filterless. This is convenient, as you don’t know to know how does a pre-filter work for this unit. You won’t need to buy an expensive HEPA Filter. Just wipe it down every once in a while, as per the instructions. Make sure you consider the AirFree Iris 3000 for another type of air purifier where HEPA-type filters aren’t needed. GreenTech is also able to destroy a large variety of contaminants, such as pet odors bacteria viruses, to leave your home air clean and breathable.


Weighing only 6.35 ounces and having dimensions of 2.5″ x 3.5″ x 4.25″ the GreenTech is able to be taken almost everywhere you go, even a suitcase if you’re traveling and want to set it up in a hotel room. It’s much smaller than the GermGuardian GG1000. However, it will last only a couple of months before it stops cleaning the air. Further, you’d be surprised how loud it can get for such a small unit. That’s much more than you’d get out of the Hamilton Beach Trueair odor eliminator.


Customer reviews on Amazon rate the GreenTech well with a 4.5/5 star rating based on 692 reviews, and this is despite its short lifespan. Though, the Honeywell Airgenius 5 has a 5-year warranty should anything quit on it. And while many other GreenTech purifiers feature an away mode, this one doesn’t. But that’s okay because it’s not the type of filter that will need to monitor itself while you’re away. Although it’s unavailable right now, it’s only been around $50.00 traditionally, so buying it and trying it won’t eat away at your money.

Greentech Air Purifier Wrap Up

Air Purifier PureAir by GreenTech may not be the longest-lasting purifier, and it may be louder than you’d expect for such a small unit, but it can purify any room with the power and versatility of air purifiers much larger than it. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what ultimately matters in an air purifier?