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Updated June 27, 2022
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Have you been looking for a phone system or a VOIP system to make your business appear more professional? Something to help take your business into the more official stage with customer service numbers and an easy call management system? Well, being the perfect fit for small businesses out there, the Grasshopper VOIP makes sure you get all the features you need at a pretty understandable price. It doesn’t make you pay extra for features that you may not need, and paired with the amazing online platform you can easily manage and forward calls easily, and automatically, Grasshopper may just be the best VOIP for you. That too without the need of any separate hardware for that matter.

Why We Like It – Grasshopper Voip

Perfect for small businesses, the Grasshopper VOIP offers you a way to make your business more professional and convenient for the employees without having to spend too much for extra features you may not need. It allows you to control everything ranging from call forwarding, extensions, multi-ring, voicemail transcription via email to automated greetings through a simple yet elegant web platform. And paired with the easy to use smartphone apps and a good number of packages to meet your needs, the Grasshopper VOIP makes for the perfect step up from a landline and to a more professional calling method.

  • Supports easy call forwarding and extensions
  • Easy setup process
  • Good value
  • Not the best voice quality
  • Features may be a bit too limited for some


To start off with its performance, Grasshopper offers you an easy setup process, requiring you to simply select the level of service you desire, select up to 5 local numbers or port an existing number, and then simply set all the settings as you like through the online platform. You can set calls to be extended to more than one local or toll-free number depending on which plan you choose. And to make things more convenient, Grasshopper plans allow you to set call time restrictions on a per extension basis, making it possible to set for either a 24/7 or 9 to 5 active extension or a more custom and personalized restriction. This along with the multiple forwarding feature which allows you to ring all numbers simultaneously or in a specific order can be set separately for each employee. You can also set it in an IVR system to allow callers to reach multiple different departments through a single number, doing what is otherwise knows as Call blasting.

Moreover, working with both a mobile app and a softphone on your PC, the Grasshopper VOIP system allows you to use existing phone numbers to receive calls even when you don’t have your business phone. Aside from that, the Grasshopper Virtual Phone System offers a dialer which can be used to place calls, access voicemail messages for playback, maintain a contact list accessible from your phone’s contact list as well as a number of other settings and phone services like Caller ID and even WiFi calling.

When it comes to conference calling, similar to Ringcentral, Jive, and Vonage, Grasshopper allows you to make calls with up to 10 people or even unlimited participants with the Small Business plan. The business calls are also supported with unlimited minutes similar to calls to toll free numbers and thus being PBX hosted system, it performs well for a VOIP system meant for small businesses that too with up to unlimited extensions for incoming calls.


With a well designed and easy to access online platform, the Grasshopper VOIP allows you to configure settings ranging from the main greeting before voicemails, IVR interface to a Dial by Name directory along with a whole lot of other features. You can even access most of those settings via the mobile app on your cell phone and even if you receive a call through your cell phone number it will still appear as if you were working from a full-fledged PBX office. And apart from that, you get a green color scheme which however may not meet the taste of some people.


Coming in three different packages, the $26 per month Solo tier with one number and three extensions, a $44 per month Partner Tier with three numbers and six extensions and finally the $80 per month Small Business Tier with 5 numbers and unlimited extensions, Grasshopper reviews show it to be the perfect fit for small companies. While the bills are made on an annual basis, it isn’t necessarily worse than any other VOIP phone service which offers monthly payment methods, considering that the limited features offered are enough for you. And so, if you’re someone who runs a small business and doesn’t need that mainstream or big of a VOIP phone service, the Grasshopper VOIP is the perfect way to enhance your professional image.

Grasshopper Voip Wrap Up

While the Grasshopper VOIP may not have as many features compared to Ringcentral or Vonage, it still offers pretty good call management for small businesses. And cutting down on the costs of landlines, it doesn’t require much of anything. Only a good internet connection and phones and you’re good to go. Thus, with features such as Call Blasting, Dial by Name directory, voicemail transcription via email as well as three different plans to meet your needs, the Grasshopper VOIP may just be the perfect fit for you.

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