Many video games pick a perspective, such as first or third-person, for a specific reason; the game’s designed around that point of view, it’s cheaper to animate a pair of hands, and so on. Some games, however, will let you switch perspectives. And still others will even shift around the entire game to make it work. Grand Theft Auto V, it turns out, is one of those games.

Through The Eyes

This wasn’t just a matter of shoving the camera between somebody’s eyes. This was, in fact, almost a complete retool of major systems in the game. Rockstar had to rebuild the game for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC release anyway, so, they rebuilt the targeting system, the cover system, changed the control scheme, and even created an entire set of animations so everything would work smoothly. It’s essentially a whole new game, built within the game. And yes, just to be clear, FPS is only available for the aforementioned systems.  But fear not.  There are a host of GTA 5 cheats for Xbox 360 and PS3 just waiting for you.

Play It Again, For The First Time

Needless to say, the shift in hardware has also led to an upgrade in looks. It’s largely subtle, mostly to do with reflections and shaders, but it still looks incredible. The next-gen console versions will be arriving November 18th; PC fans will have to wait until January to start modding the heck out of the game.

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