This year is the year of next-gen consoles.  And those next-gen consoles are to include games that work in tandem or play complement to your smartphone or tablet device.  But let me tell you something you didn’t already know.  GT6, otherwise known as Gran Turismo 6, will include its very own smartphone app that can track your daily drives and then recreate them, automatically mind you, in the game itself.

Sounds sick, don’t it?!  It’s all part of the GT6’s track creator feature.  As Road and Track points out, it’s likely that the road side scenery won’t be accurate, if even existent, but seeing as the app tracks both GPS and elevation, you should end up with a true to life representation of some of your favorite drives.

The process apparently involves turning on the app (duh), then uploading the data to the GT servers.  If all goes well you should be able to play the recently traversed road, as well as share it with friends.  Perhaps if enough of the same roads are captured, the game’s designers will update it with the additional details, such as bushes, buildings, signs and more.

Gran Turismo 6 launches on 12/6.

Christen Costa

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