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Updated November 26, 2020
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Being the best mid drive electric bike the German made Grace MX II is a machine that performs impeccably on the dirt or asphalt, with a sleek design coupled with a 20 mph (KM H 32) Bosch motor will be ripping up trails like a dream. Fork lockout mirror and lighting systems make this vehicle suitable for pavement use. While it may be the most expensive electric bike on Amazon it does come with free shipping throughout the United States so that might balance out unlike with the Cube compact electric bike.

Why We Like It – Grace MX

The Grace MX II Trail is a hardtail cross country style electric bike with excellent hardware, a beautiful look and top of the line drive system from Bosch. This is one of the most affordable Bosch powered electric bikes though the Amazon page costes twice as much. It’s available in two sizes for improved fit and comes stock with front and rear LED lights that are really well done while powered by the main battery. The only questionable aspects of this bike are the smaller 26″ wheels vs 27.5″ or 29er which would provide more surface contact for improved traction and better spanning ability on bumps and cracks encountered on the trail, with the 27.5 even having become more prominent. Still, 26″ wheels are known for being maneuverable and the MTB tires and tubes tend to be less expensive to replace since they are the dominant standard still.

  • Most affordable electric bike
  • Double leg kickstand stows well to one side
  • Light weight
  • No room for a water bottle cage

Durability & Build Quality

The grips have lockers so they won’t spin when you really bear down, the trigger shifters are clean and stay out of the way and the LCD panel and associated button pad work just like any Bosch System they’re big, easy to use and importantly easy to reach without taking your hands off the grips. The display panel is removable and it’s backlit for nighttime use. As mentioned there are also LED lights that are powered by the main battery and activated through the Bosch system. Customer reviews love that the headlight sits above the suspension fork on the head tube but doesn’t mount directly to the handle bar, it’s positioned very well to be effective but also avoid damage and distraction.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

The power of the MX II motor is a second generation Bosch mid-drive offering 350 watts of power. While it’s not the quietest motor around it’s also not super loud like you might find on both hever or older bikes. Having the expected Bosch performance it is a good smooth ride like the Bulls Ebikes.

Range & Battery

Powering the motor and lights on the MX II is a standard Bosch Powerpack 36 volt battery which offers 11 amp hours of capacity. It’s sleek, relatively lightweight, and can be charged on or off the frame and uses an integrated lock that’s pretty secure. Given the mounting point of this pack, unfortunately there isn’t a lot of room for a water bottle cage on the downtube or seat tube but the seat post is fairly open and you could opt for a CamelBak or other backpack style hydration system as well.

Safety features

The motor is smart enough to shut off whenever you pull the brake levers or shift gears. This thing senses your pedaling torque, pedaling speed and bicycle speed for near-instantaneous activation and stop which is critical in some off-road environments. It only offers pedal assist but is extremely efficient with 50+ miles of range in its lowest level, even on a bike like this with knobby tread. If you do have any problems with any problem whether it’s the frame fork wheels tires and even the battery the customer service is open to help any E bike related questions via their email address on business days.


The MX II Trail electric bike is fairly obviously an electric mountain bike, while costing a great deal on Amazon can be found for substantially cheaper if a little investigation around the internet is taken and the bike can be found for cheaper than the Trek Verve+.

Wrap Up

While the Grace MX is a good bike according to most reviews the high cost on amazon and the requirement in ability to carry their water on the bike are the biggest problems with the bike, some find the many safety features of the bike being with them.

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