King of the sport cams, GoPro continues to stare down the competition – mostly because it doesn’t have much choice. More and more companies are popping out of the woodwork to create their own competitive sports cams and tap into the vast market that GoPro has discovered. Have any been successful so far? Not really.

But Graava thinks it has the key: Low maintenance song slideshows. The Graava is a little cam that you can pop onto your helmet or mount on your bike/gear with ears. It can snap 8-megapixel photos or capture around 3 hours of high definition video footage at 30 fps, with a field of view at 130 degrees. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a fairly priced 3D camcorder, the DXG-5F9V 3D camcorder does a perfect job

So far, so standard. This is no 4K video capturing drone camera, but it’s fine for a sports cam (that battery life could be longer, however). What makes Graava interesting is what it does after it has all the footage. Via the app, it uses an auto-editor that scans your photos and video for the coolest scenes from sports, activities, parties, and anything else it thinks is worthwhile. How does it choose? Well, it has motion trackers, microphones to pick up audio or voice cues, an accelerometer to judge speeds, GPS sensors to track locations, and the ability to sync with heart rate monitors to find out what gets you excited.


Pick out a favorite song and Graava will automatically create a video of the best hits to go along with the song beat. Instead of spending hours editing, you can spend a minute loading the software before heading over to Facebook or Instagram and posting the results. Of course, this is assuming the sports cam works as advertised. After all, you’re trusting an auto editor to make all your image decisions for you. That may appeal to casual users, but it doesn’t sound like something the truly adventurous would appreciate, since they often have a particular shot or quest in mind. Time, in this case, will tell if the editing software is worth attention. Time will also tell how much the cam will cost you. If you order before September (only a few days left!) you can get a cam for only $250 plus shipping. Wait, and the price will rise to GoPro levels at $400.

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