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Looking very ‘radar detector’, this device, the Photo GPS by Jobo, records time, data, longitude, latitude, street name, country, zip code, and nearest point of interest every time you snap a photo. Sony released a similar product for its line of digital cameras. Mounts to any camera with a flash hot shoe (think SLR style only), and will be available this summer for $149. I am left wondering how it coordinates with the camera’s photos once downloaded, but there must be some included software to streamline the process. Does it work with analog cameras as well? Doesn’t look like they’ve added the product to their site just yet.

Lost and Found [PopSci]

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  3. From the link: Just like SOny’s GPS-CS1->postprocessing. Next question: do you *have* to flash???? For it’s mounted on the flash seat…

    The photoGPS includes a PC and MAC compatible DVD that contains both the software and the database needed to post-process the information captured by the unit. Post-processing is highly automated: Users simply download the captured GPS data via the built-in USB interface and enter the directory name of the folder where the corresponding pictures are stored. The user’s computer can then compare the EXIF time recorded by the camera and the GPS time recorded by the photoGPS. When a match is found the program updates the Longitude and Latitude EXIF fields

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