GoWise USA 3.7-quart Air Fryer Review

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Air frying is a great way to reduce the amount of fatty oils used in foods like french fries; hot air is used instead (or a very small amount of oil). And this one happens to be the best air fryer for very small families—between 2-3 people—or singles. Frying food in 30 minutes or less, this air frying has one foot in the future with its intuitive touchscreen.

Why We Like It – GoWise USA 3.7-quart Air Fryer

Don’t have a large family but want the benefits of an air fryer? This is what you want. Its 3.7 quart basket is perfect for very small families or singles. Compact in shape and easy to use.

  • Can prepare a meal in 30 mins or less
  • Basket is dishwasher safe
  • Compact form
  • Doesn’t have a rack
  • Lacks an alarm for stirring and shaking


When it said “30 minutes or less” GoWise wasn’t joking. It’s very on point compared to other electric air fryers. Its rapid air circulation did a number on the meal, cooking it thoroughly and leaving some edges nice and crispy. It helped that the GoWise Air Fryer can reach temperatures of 400 degrees Fahrenheit, in addition to having seven built-in cooking settings. One thing to note: it doesn’t have an alarm for shaking and stirring. This means you’ll have to have some knowledge of the recipe as to when things need to be shifted. We found the same hiccup with the GoWise USA 3.7 Quart Air Fryer.


The GoWise USA 3.7-quart Air Fryer is compact in nature; it’s supposed to be. Because of its compact nature, it suits a very small family or singles. This can be seen by its 3.7 quart basket size and dimensions of 9 x 8.5 x 12 inches, which is far smaller than the GoWise USA GW22731. That basket also happens to be a non stick basket, which is a boon to have when cooking fried food, in addition to being easy to clean thanks to its dishwasher safe rating. We really wished a rack was added to open up more variety of foods. Navigating the touch screen is intuitive. Icons stamped on the screen are straightforward, including its temperature controls.


Taking into consideration the GoWise USA 3.7-quart Air Fryer’s price tag of $65, it is fairly feature-rich, at least where it counts. Many of the common fried foods have their own preset button that asks nothing of you except placing the food in the basket and letting the air fryer do the work for you. And given that it can serve a small family of three, we’d say $65 is right on point for what you get in return compared to the somewhat overpriced Cosori Electric Air Fryer.

GoWise USA 3.7-quart Air Fryer Wrap Up

For $65, you can knock out most of those friend food cravings in a much more healthier manner, minus the rack and alarms, with the compact GoWise USA 3.7-quart Air Fryer. It did well preparing foods in 30 minutes or less and cooked thoroughly. When you’re finished, cleanup is easy thanks to its dishwasher safe basket.

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