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The Gotrax SRX Series Hoverboard comes with efficient self-balancing technology that helps new riders find their sweet-spot for a safe ride. We’d like to give it the distinction of being a best hoverboard for heavy adults, but it doesn’t carry the highest weight capacity we’ve seen. However, the solid rubber wheels and the UL 2272 certification do make it the best off road hoverboard and best hoverboard!

Why We Like It – Gotrax SRX Hoverboard

The Gotrax SRX Hoverboard is a safe, very beginner friendly model that provides just enough speed to get a new rider used to a hoverboard and just enough range so they don’t stray too far and get stuck with a dead battery. The solid rubber tires also help ensure a smooth ride on both pavement and gravel.

  • Self-Balancing Technology
  • UL Certification
  • Lightweight
  • 3.5 Hour Charge Time
  • 220 Pound Weight Capacity


The Gotrax SRX Self Balancing Hoverboard boasts a maximum speed of seven miles per hour. This is a safe speed for beginner riders, which is good, but may be too slow for veterans. Try the Hoverboard Ninebot, or even the SRX Pro, if you’d like something faster. The self balancing mode is another nifty feature that keeps the board level to the ground at all times so you don’t fall.


The Gotrax SRX Bluetooth Hoverboard is equipped with 6.5” solid rubber tires so it can handle both the smoothness of the city and the bump and grind of gravel and dirt. If you really want to off-road and want bigger tires, try the Gyroor Warrior Hoverboard. The Gotrax SRX hoverboard also carries the rigorous UL 2272 certification for added safety when it comes to the battery.

Battery Life

On a full charge, the Gortrax SEX Hoverboard can be ridden for about 5 miles which is in-line with the general design theory of a hoverboards max speed is around the same with its mileage capabilities. However, this is on the low side of hoverboards we’ve seen, so consider the Epikgo Sport for that extra mileage. The battery also takes 3.5 hours to charge, which is average, but still one of the longer charging times we’ve seen too.


When it comes to weight capacity, the Gotrax SRX Hoverboard can handle a rider up to 220 pounds. While this may be in-line with hoverboards of its class, it’s definitely on the lighter side in terms of hoverboards as a whole. On the plus side, it only weighs 26.5 pounds making it very easy for you to carry around campus or on a busy train if need be.


Like its cousin, the SRX A6, the Gotrax SRX Hoverboard comes equipped with bluetooth speakers. These provide a convenient way for you to listen to your favorite songs as you’re cruising down the street. There are also LED lights on each wheel and a one on the front of the board. Not only do these provide some cool designs they can also act as extra headlights if you need to ride in the dark.

Gotrax SRX Hoverboard Review Wrap Up

If you’re just beginning your hoverboarding life and are looking for a great entry-level model to help you learn the basics, the Gotrax SRX Hoverboard is an excellent place to start. It’s top speed isn’t all that intimidating, and the UL 2272 certification means you don’t have to worry about any problems concerning the battery, including the dreaded battery fire.

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