Gotrax Hoverfly ION LED Hoverboard Review

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Updated July 6, 2022

These days if you want to unleash your inner Marty McFly, two-wheeled hoverboards are as close as most of us will get. No worries though, they are working on real flying hoverboards for the masses. But in the meantime, if you want the next best thing, modern hoverboards offer plenty of excitement. And there a number of best hoverboards to pick from. So keep reading to learn more.

The Gotrax Hoverfly ION LED Hoverboard is an affordable way to get into these vehicles. It comes in a variety of colors, is easy to rise and it has some very bright and cool LED lighting accents. Gotrax is the leader in the personal transport market because the company is known for releasing top of the line quality electric vehicles, which is why their hoverboards continue to be the most popular of 2019.

To learn more about the best ones out there, read our beste hoverboard 2018 reviews. These vehicles are pretty amazing.

The Hoverfly ION is no exception. Read on for my Hoverfly ION review below to learn about our experience with this hoverboard.

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Has Self-Balancing Technology

Low Range
No Smartphone or Bluetooth
Low Maximum Speed

Gotrax Hoverfly ION LED Hoverboard Build Quality

Like all of the Gotrax line, this one is durable and built to last. It has a solid construction that will stand up to a lot of abuse. It is light enough to carry with you but tough enough to take whatever you can dish out. So don’t worry about abusing it while you learn, this hoverboard can take it.

Gotrax Hoverfly ION Design

You have to give Gotrax credit. It’s not easy to design a hoverboard and make it stand out from the crowd, while also giving it good looks. They’ve managed to do just that though. It has bright futuristic lights that give it a great look, making it unique among other hoverboards. The front and rear have LED’s and there are also LED rings on the wheels which light up brightly.

It doesn’t connect to your smartphone with a mobile app or even Bluetooth, but that’s okay. We really didn’t expect this from an entry level hoverboard. It also lacks the popular Bluetooth speakers that can be found on many models. This might disappoint those who are looking for a board that has all of the bells and whistles, but that isn’t what this model is about.

How Powerful Is The Gotrax Hoverfly ION?

The ION is more powerful than you might think given its price. It has a powerful 200-watt electric engine that kicks in as soon as you get on. You really feel the power, but it’s not overpowered for beginners. It has a max speed of 6.2 MPH. Again, just perfect for those who are new to hoverboards. The self-balancing technology in this model allows anyone to get on and get riding with very little trouble.

Gotrax ION Hoverboard
A great entry-level hoverboard.

Gotrax Hoverfly ION Performance

Since this hoverboard is geared toward beginners, Gotrax did an impressive job of giving it just the right amount of power and stability. This makes it feel really nice to get on and feel the power beneath your feet, but not be overwhelmed. Beginners can get right on and take off. This hoverboard performed pretty flawlessly on flat surfaces, giving us a smooth and stable ride. It isn’t meant for grass or off-road riding, so naturally don’t take it off-road. Stay on a flat surface and you’ll be impressed at the quality of the ride.

Hoverfly ION Features

LED Lights

It has bright LED lights in the center section, forward and back, then on each wheel. It makes for a beautiful and futuristic design that we instantly loved.

Self-Balancing Mode

Since the ION is all about beginner riders, the self-balancing mode allows the hoverboard to self-level to make it easier to ride. This is a great feature that will get many extra kids riding where they may not have been willing to try before.

Lots Of Color Options

You have many colors to choose from like white, black, orange, blue, yellow, pink, red and seafoam. So you can choose a color that’s right for you.


The ION has a maximum speed of 6.2 MPH which is perfect for you if this is your first hoverboard. It also has a range of 5-9 miles per charge which is not bad at all for any entry level hoverboard.

Charging Time

We were hoping for a faster charging time, but this model will charge in 3-4 hours. That’s not the best, but again for the price and considering all of the other features that you get, we really can’t complain.

Wheel Size

The ION is outfitted with 6-inch wheels helping to keep things light and streamlined. They give you good traction and I can’t stress how cool these wheels look with their LED “rims”.

Maximum Weight

The max weight for a rider is 176 pounds.

Gotrax ION Hoverboard
The ION is a ton of fun.

Bottom Line

Inexperienced riders or new riders are getting a lot for their money with the Hoverfly ION. I think we can easily say that this is the absolute best hoverboard for any newcomer to the hoverboard craze. It’s durable, designed extremely well and powerful enough for the users it is marketed to. It gives you a very smooth ride. After many customer reviews, this great self-balancing hoverboard is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Gotrax is once again proving why they are the leader in hoverboards. Sure, you can get more features elsewhere and better speed, faster charging etc, but this isn’t for those people who are looking for those higher-end specs. This is the hoverboard that you should buy to begin your new two-wheeling adventures.

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