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Updated June 27, 2022
94 Expert Rating

Some businesses want simple VoIP services, ones that’ll perform a few tricks and that’s that. But not GoToConnect VoIP—formerly Jive. Their change of name hasn’t stopped them from providing one of the most feature-rich VoIPs on the market, with an emphasis on saving you money as your business grows and introduces more employees. And that’s what the best VoIP should always shoot for.

Why We Like It – GoToConnect VoIP

GoToConnect VoIP provides all kinds of features, dozens of—all of which work wonderfully within its cloud-based service, while tempting you with its competitive prices.

  • Excellent option for small businesses
  • Training videos available to learn VoIP systems
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Lacking API customization


GoToConnect VoIP has so much to give, you might feel like you are ripping them off. It isn’t just competent business VoIP—it’s about quality. GoToConnect VoIP does everything in their power to provide the best. Features like call forwarding and call recording are available on the spot. Make calls with your personal cell phone or office phone. Make phone calls with a VoIP phone, unlimited calling within the US and Canada, including toll free phone numbers. For a wider range of free internal calling, check out RingCentral.

Try team messaging to reach your employees or set up video meetings. As a cloud hosted VoIP everything through your network. Any issues that arise, the contact center is open 24/7, with human staff who’re polite and helpful. Vonage and Nextiva VoIP lack 24/7 service. It all worked wonderfully, provided your internet service and computer are adequate enough to handle the processes. API customization is lacking; we would’ve liked custom integration.


GoToConnect VoIP is hell bent for unified communications, making every facet of its center features easy to use and understand. Something as easy as video conferencing has a guide behind it. Don’t know how to set up a virtual office? Use GoTo’s training resources. That same ease of access extends to the mobile apps, too. And if you’re at home, you don’t need to get in touch with a call center; the app can help you out, too.


The GoToConnect VoIP might sound steep at first. $30 per user per month? But the amount you pay per user per month decreases when more members are added. If you have 5 to 9 users, you’re paying $25.95 per user per month, with the next bracket being 10-24, and so on. Service plans can accommodate small and large businesses without sacrificing call quality, voice quality, or important phone systems. In fact, you keep all the features, even as you increase your employee count. For that, we would recommend GoToConnect VoIP any time of the day over the 8×8 X Series just because of its higher overall rating.

GoToConnect VoIP Wrap Up

API integration into other services was lacking, but GoToConnect VoIP already offers so many options and features on its cloud based service, it was never a concern. With their helpful online resources for learning, we looked past it. If something was wrong, you’ll always know customer service is available any time of the day. For small and large businesses, that’s more than anyone can ask for.

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