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Got an iPhone4 or later? Infinity Blade III Available Now

Before you can even get your hands on iOS7, Epic Games and CHAIR have released the newest iteration of the most penultimate game for iOS, Infinity Blade III. If you’ve got an iPhone 4 or higher, you don’t even have to wait until Friday (When the new 5c’s and 5S’ are available) to start playing this stunningly beautiful game, head over to the AppStore now to begin the long, and drowsy process of downloading this behemoth.

Protagonists IB3

Weighing in at 1.39GB, Infinity Blade III is arguably the most visually impressive app in available in Apple’s AppStore. From what we’ve learned so far, Infinity Blade III will showcase two protagonists as opposed to the series usual limitation of one, how that modifies gameplay, we haven’t found out yet.

Some have been heard stating that the Infinity Blade series hasn’t advanced enough between iterations to qualify as sequels. We hear you, outside of improved textures, I didn’t initially see why Infinity Blade II required a separate purchase. Initially? Who am I kidding, I still haven’t figured out why I shelled out money to play a game that changed less than any of the Madden series.

Infinity Blade 3 Fight

In all honesty, I’m downloading Infinity Blade III as I type this piece. While it may not be the most invigorating game, you can play while on the go and it may take a while to get into the game after tapping on its icon, (Infinity Blade II took my 4S over 60 seconds to load before I could even get the option to play), but more than anything, it works as terrific benchmarking system. This helps explain why it won’t work on older hardware.

Infinity Blade III is now on sale for $6.99 and is supported on both iOS6 and iOS7 at the AppStore. Check back later for our hands on review of Infinity Blade III running on an iPhone 4S.

Will we experience gaming grandeur, or will this one just send us into another frenzy of swiping furiously in attempts to attack and dodge?


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