The GoPro has, slowly, become not just the first name in action cams, but the first name in small, useful little video cameras. For relatively little money you can get slow-motion, high-resolution video, action-cam video, and even simple 1080p video, all in a discreet, cheap, indestructible little package. But as the GoPro has gotten more complex, fans have yearned for a stripped down version. That’s where the Hero 4 Session comes in. If you’re here looking for the best GoPro, read on.

Session Camera

The GoPro Hero 4 Session is stripped down to the basics, half the size and 60% of the weight of previous GoPros. Well, the relative basics, I should say. It’s a tiny little cube of a camera with one button; you press the button to fire the shutter and begin recording, and press it again to shut it off. It won’t stop recording, but you will want to get a spacious memory card, because once it runs out of room, it loops and begins recording over your previous video. Speaking of videos, why not check out these 15 extreme GoPro videos that’ll get your adrenaline pumping.

And if you’re worried you’ll need new mounts, don’t; it’s fully compatible with the mounts you already have, so you won’t have to shell out for any other technology. You won’t even need to get any new software; it’s fully compatible with the GoPro app and with the remote control. It even has ProTune and the dual mic system to record audio.

The only downside is you only have Ultra Wide and Medium for recording angle. Also? No 4K.

Hot Session


Really, the Hero 4 Session is everything GoPro fans have been asking for; a return to the brand’s action camera roots while keeping much of the advances that have redefined the action camera. And hey, it’s tiny. That said, it costs the same as the Silver, so you may want to weigh that in your decision. Still, if you need an action cam, once again the GoPro is the one to get.

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