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Goplus Conversion Kit Review

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Updated February 20, 2021
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If you aren’t interested in the best electric bike, then perhaps you’d like to create your own. With an ebike conversion kit, like the Goplus Conversion Kit, you can take your favorite performance bike and give it electrical powers. In this case, a 1000W motor, 20mph top speed, and power cut-off brake lever for safety.

Why We Like It – Goplus Conversion Kit

The Goplus Conversion Kit is an affordable option for those wanting to hit the roads and hills as soon as possible. It has a max speed of 20mph, power cut-off brake lever for safety, and a 1000W motor.

  • Motor power cut-off brake handle
  • Good top speed
  • Affordable pricing
  • Doesn’t include a battery

Durability & Build Quality

It isn’t surprising to see the use of aluminium, especially for the controller itself. It’s common material, lightweight, and durable. It’ll do a good job keeping the inner circuitry protected, while also dissipating head enough to avoid thermal overloading. The disc brake is also aluminium, and the tires are non-slip, so there’s a bit of protection added.


Stitching an electric bike motor to your mountain bike obviously adds the benefit of riding around without the need to pedal, known as Electric Mode. Naturally, there’s a top speed. Squeeze the thumb throttle, and the 1000W motor can push you up to speeds of 21mph. That’s 250W more than the Bafang Mid Drive Kit.

Range & Battery

There’s no telling how far you can go with the Goplus Conversion Kit Electric Bicycle Motor Kit Bicycle Accessories Set, because it lacks one very important component: a battery. The wheel e bike conversion kit electric motor kit runs off of a 48V battery. The Hill Topper Electric Bike Kit, however, includes a battery that can go over 12 miles.

Safety Features

The most important safety feature you’d want from a conversion kit, other than pedal assist, is the ability to cut the motor off when you hit the brakes. Without one, you run the risk of injury. Thankfully, the Goplus Conversion Kit does indeed have a power cut-off brake handle. If it senses you’ve used the brakes, even the slightest squeeze, it’ll shut the motor off.


The Goplus Conversion Kit is certainly more affordable than rear wheel electric bike conversion kits go for. Why? Looking back at its range and battery, I noted the lack of a battery. This ultimately drops the price of the bike kit down, but requires that you seek out a 48V battery yourself. They’ll run anywhere between $100 and $250. Even with that factored in, you’re still spending less than the Hilltopper Horizon Conversion Kit.

Goplus Conversion Kit Wrap Up

Despite lacking a battery, the Goplus Conversion Kit is still one of the quickest ways to convert your favorite bike to electric. This is mostly true due to its very low cost. And yet, Goplus was kind enough to even include a very important safety feature: a power cut-off brake lever.

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