Google Wallet Will Let You Send Your Friends Money With Texts

If you have friends, and most of us do, you probably want to go places with them and enjoy restaurants and bars with them. And then you promptly learn that splitting the check is a massive pain in the ass! And, thanks to apps, we have many solutions to split them up. But none of them are quite as convenient as what Google Wallet wants to make it.

Text Cash

Yes, Google Wallet is trying to make your text messages as good as cash. To be fair, it’s a bit more involved than we’re making it sound. First, you send your friend a text message. That message contains a secure link. They follow the link, enter their debit card details, and then they get the money.

On one level, yeah, some people would think that would be a little too complicated. On the other hand, sit down for a moment and work out paying the check where two people have cash, two have credit cards, one has a debit card, and one just had a salad and forgot to bring their wallet, conveniently enough for the fourth time. After you experience that a few times, sending a text message is probably going to seem joyous.

Textual Healing

Google Wallet advertising
Google Wallet advertising materials display how it works.

Money can’t solve all your problems, but being able to properly distribute money to your friends is a good way to solve at least a few of the annoying ones. This might also have the advantage of making Google Wallet more popular or, well, popular at all, as mobile payments struggle to be accepted outside of Silicon Valley. And if nothing else, it means you can get the friend who always has to bug you about the five bucks you owe him off your back with a text.

Dan Seitz

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