Google Tricycle With Street View Camera (video)

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Updated June 27, 2022


Here’s a novel approach to Google Street View: the Google Trike.  Designed specifically to reach historical landmarks, the Google Trike will first appear in Genoa, Italy (yum, meat) and then make its way to the UK sometime later this summer.  Google has requested that the British public provide suggestion on what historical landmarks and places to focus on.  Later, a vote will determine the top 3 locations Google Trike will visit first.  Now for some additional info regarding the Google Trike and Google’s Street View policy:

  • The trike weighs nearly 18 stone!
  • We will use specially trained super fit Google employees and contractors to ride the Trikes.
  • The “trikers” wear Google cycle helmets and clothing
  • There are 5 categories under which people can submit their ideas. The categories are: Castles, Coastal paths, Natural Wonders, Historic Buildings & Monuments and (Sports) Stadiums.
  • We will be accepting suggestions for a limited time and we’ll then work with Visit Britain to choose the most original ideas from each category. The public will then be able to cast their final votes and choose the top 3 locations we’ll try to add to Street View (pending sunny weather).
  • As we only collect images from public roads we’ll work closely with the relevant organizations to collect images of privately-owned locations.
  • As with all Street View imagery in the UK, we will apply our face-blurring and license plate blurring to all these images to protect people’s privacy. People will be able to report images for removal in the same way as they can now by clicking on ‘report a problem’ on the bottom left hand corner of the image. From here they complete a short form where they indicate the precise image to be removed


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