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Google Star Wars: Pick a Side, Enjoy New Themes and Easter Eggs

Google is a huge Star Wars fan – which means good things for all of us little fans out in the world. Specifically, the news means that we get a brand new Star Wars website designed especially by Google to glory in all things Star Wars, get ready for The Force Awakens, and pick a side.

The site automatically ties in with any Google profile that you may have developed, which is a little eerie. One there, you are encouraged to choose either the Light or Dark side of the Force: That’s it. Google will take your proclivity and turn it into a fully revamped web experience for all the themes and apps that it can reach.

Google Star Wars Site

Light or Dark? Drag your icon to make up your mind.

It turns out that Google’s reach is pretty broad. Google Calendar, Chrome, Google News and Google Maps will all get Star Wars-ified with new colors, designs, and little Easter eggs. Common tools like Gmail and Google Translate will also sport new tricks and designed based on your choices. Even less affiliated apps like Waze will show changes and new skins. Even certain sounds will be replaced with various Star Wars effects that we all know and love.

That’s just when you first choose a side – Google is promising more changes in the next few weeks leading up to the release of The Force Awakens. The Star Wars site will also be keeping track of all the people using the feature and how many prefer Jedi vs. Sith. The site will change to show the overall allegiance of Google users and demonstrate disturbances in the Force in real time for all those curious.

Everything is free when you sign up. If it isn’t quite clear how to get rid of all these new themes, rest easy: Google does allow for switching between Light and Dark sides, or turning the whole thing off just by repositioning your avatar. But please consider carefully. Many Bothans died to bring us this site.

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