Google Keep Now Includes Location Based Reminders

Google Keep Reminder

Today, Google announced an update to Google Keep that finally brings location and time based reminders to the application. 

If you recall, I wrote about Google Keep a few months ago.  It’s an ultra simple app built specifically for Android users that allows them to jot down quick notes, create lists, and capture images with text – they can each be colorized for at a glance sorting.  However, at launch a reminder function was no where to be found.  It’s something that has long existed on the iOS platform and as has long left me wondering why Android hasn’t had a version of their own.

Well, Google must be reading my mind, because today they will begin to roll out an update to Google Keep that allows you to associate a reminder with a Google Keep note.

Just punch in the note as you would normally and then hit the “Remind Me” button at the bottom of the note.  There you an choose the type of reminder, which can be based on location (e.g. walk into a shop), a specific time of day, or a general time of day (tomorrow afternoon).  If at the time of the reminder it’s not convenient to address the Google Keep Note you can simply hit a snooze function and assign it to a later time or a to a location that is more suitable.

Now Google Keep is vastly more useful.  Say for instance you create a grocery list.  Now when you walk into a supermarket, it can immediately pop up that list, reminding you of all the groceries you need to get your girlfriend.  That said, the time reminder isn’t quite as useful, since this feature has long existed in the Android calendar, but it’s a nice addition and one that will play complement to the whole reminder concept.

Google says that when you add a location based reminder it will suggest close by places, which could be more annoying than useful in certain instances.  They’re also touting the separation of work and personal with a drawer system, though the reminders will pop up regardless of which one is selected.

The Google Keep Reminder update has already hit the Chrome Extension and the web based Keep login.  Expect the update to roll out to the Google Keep Android app over the next few days.

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