Google Glass V2 Is On The Way… But Will It Save Glass?

Google Glass was an experiment that the company was hoping to turn into a full-fledged phenomenon. As you might notice from naked eyes across the world, that did not go entirely as planned. Even Google’s CEO has more or less given up on the old version of the device. We say “old version” because there is, in fact, a new version on the way. But can it save Glass?

Slimmer, Sleeker, Glassier

Essentially, Google has been awarded a patent for a slimmer, sleeker Glass. It’s not really clear that they can really cram in all the functionality the original “Explorer” version of Glass featured, but it does look better and if nothing else, it’s more discreet. A better question, though, is where this will resolve all of Google’s glass woes.

Broken Glass


Simply put? Nobody wants Glass. The fact that Google has essentially opened their “beta” to the public and seen said public yawn and find something else to be interested in says quite a bit. Really not helping matters is the lack of a true killer app, a tool that justifies not only buying the app but also buying Glass. Mostly people crack Big Brother jokes or use the portmanteau that Google dreads to refer to users.

Can Google find that app? Excellent question. Part of the problem is that Glass isn’t self-contained, and that might have to be the next step. But, for now, Google will settle for making it slightly more discreet.

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