Wetley Brings Prescription Frames To Google Glass


One of the biggest problems many Glass Explorers have with Google Glass is, simply, you can’t wear eyeglasses with it. The device is designed to be the only thing sitting on your face at all times. Wetley, though, has just released a solution that solves this problem.

Properly Framed

This comes in multiple versions, of course, but probably the most popular option will be the stainless steel lenseless frame, allowing you to just get lenses ground to your prescription and install them yourself. As you might have noticed, it is, in fact, stainless steel, and in a nice touch, that matches the case of Google Glass more or less exactly. OK, so it’s a fussy point, but a lot of people do like their gadgets to match their glasses, and let’s face it, fashion is important when something’s on your face.


However, before buying frames willy-nilly, it’s worth talking to your optometrist about your vision. For example, nearsighted people (aka myopics) won’t actually have that much of a problem, although a lot depends on your specific case. The farsighted, of course, will need these, and if you’re planning on giving Mom and Dad Google Glass for Christmas next year, you might want to check their prescriptions first.

Glass In Your Glasses

You’ll also want to take Glass to the optometrist to ensure you get the right lenses; remember, you’ll be spending a lot of time shifting your focal length, so you’ll want lenses that don’t give you a headache as you switch back and forth. But if you’ve got Glass, or you want Glass but your vision keeps you from using it, these frames will be a strong option to put some Google in your eye. They’re available as of today for $99, with sunglass options and lens options available as well.

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