Google Glass Just Got a Tesla App Called Glass Tesla, Here’s How It Works (video)

Many Tesla owners are early adopters.  So it stands to reason that some of them are also in possession of Google’s Glass.  And if you happen to fall into that bucket, you’ll be pleased to hear that someone has created what is the first 3rd party Google Glass app, called Glass Tesla, for the Tesla S.

The video above details the app’s features pretty thoroughly, though it’s a bit long winded.  Created by developer Sahas Katta, there are two states for Glass Tesla: viewing and controlling.

Viewing allows Glass owners to connect to their Tesla S and view the car’s charging status.  This includes battery percentage, time to complete a charge, as well as volts and amps going into the Tesla S’ batteries.  Tesla owners will also be able to view what doors are open on the vehicle, as well as pin point it on a map with a labeled address – great if you have a tendency to forget where you parked your Tesla S.

Controlling on the other hand, enables Tesla owners to turn charging on and off, lock or unlock the doors, open the car’s sunroof, honk the car’s horn, and access the vehicle’s climate controls, though not all of those are accessible when the vehicle is in motion.

And just in case you were skeptical about the viability of the Glass Tesla app, Google’s VP of social (aka Google Plus) has started using the app.

Glass Tesla

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