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Google Glass

Google Glass Gets A Slight Upgrade, Lots Of Accessories

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Google is on the verge of trying to sell consumers Google Glass. How that will go is up for debate: I’m personally in the camp that Google will sell millions of pairs to private industry, and barely any to consumers. But either way, Glass got redesigned, and got some fancy accessories too.

The Redesign

The new boss is a lot like the old boss in this particular case; mostly there are a few tweaks to the casing to allow sunglass users and people who are blind without their glasses to use Google Glass. Also, there’s now an earbud you can stick into one ear, which is thankfully removeable, unless you like looking like a character from a Star Trek knockoff.

The Accessories

Meanwhile, Google also took an accessory store live for “Glass Explorers”, the beta testers who paid $1500 to buy Glass and give it a shot. And apparently, the rooking is going to continue, because the prices are through the roof. Microfiber pouch for your Glass? $50. A clear protective shield to guard your investment? $75. It’s not excessive compared to other accessories, but it’s still pretty high for what is undeniably a specialty product. And, honestly, it may be guiding us on what, exactly, we can expect for when Glass arrives as a consumer product.

More Availability, But Not Out Yet

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The main thing to take away is that Google Glass is going to be more available, but Google is tightly restricting the rollout. It’s still going to hand them out, though; Google is manufacturing more of the devices and allowing “Glass Explorers” to invite three of their friends into the program. This may sound very, very familiar to people who were there for the launch of GMail; Google’s trying to create excitement by limiting availability. Whether that works, we’ll have to see.

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