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Google Glass Gets Fashionable, Offers Prescription Lenses

google glass prescription lenses

Google really wants their new Google Glass connected eyewear to be for everyone – even fashion conscious users and those who have to wear prescription eyewear. A prescription option was the most requested feature since it launched the device last year and now it’s going to be available in new stylish frames when it’s released to the public at the end of this year. Each of the prescription Google Glass lenses will cost $225 each, with the new Titanium line including four frame shapes called curve, split, thin and bold. The outside of the frames is gray but the four options will each have subtle accent colors inside the frames. Google also plans to add three sunglasses options that will be designed by Maui Jim for $150 each. The actual Google Glass hardware (that can shoot video and projects Internet content will remain the same) for now.

Google hopes that people will be so comfortable wearing their connected eyewear that they won’t want to choose between their regular glasses and Google Glass. But this might pose a small problem since they’re not welcomed everywhere (yet), leaving those with no other prescription glasses handy either blind or isolated from certain places. Also, driving while wearing them isn’t exactly legal or allowed. But Google is still confidant that these issues will soon be fixed as they become more common with users.

And Google Glass lenses can’t quickly pop off one frame and onto another because it required undoing a small screw, which is easy to do, but the system is still not meant for frequent frame changes. And because prescription glasses are pricy without insurance, Google has a deal with Vision Service Provider to add coverage to those who want the new specs, but insurance reimbursements will only be available for the frames and prescription and not the Glass device itself (it costs $1,500).

google glass prescription lenses

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