Google Glass Becomes A Gunsight

Oh, this won’t be controversial at all: Tactical sight company Trackingpoint has decided to make Google Glass an accessory to their networked sights, allowing you to, in theory, fire around corners and otherwise put a bullet where normally you’d need an elaborate tool to do so.

High Aims


It’s actually the consumer version of common systems the military is already deep into testing. Trackingpoint makes a scope that automatically tracks conditions and allows you to, in theory, shoot with perfect accuracy every single time.

The technology itself is fairly interesting, if more than a little gimmicky, but it’s the Google Glass module that will likely be drawing attention.

Corner Shot

It’s pretty simple, really: The Trackingpoint scope is basically a camera already, so it just streams video to Google Glass. So, just point your gun at something, align the blue dot where you want the bullet to go, and pull the trigger. Well, at least in theory; notice that the guy they have running around picking off gritty steel targets in the video is obviously trained to do things like firing a rifle single-handed. Notice also that he’s smart enough to brace the gun against something that can take the recoil; once this thing hits the market, you can expect a lot of sprained wrists from people trying to reenact that scene from Wanted.


Fire And Sorta Forget

As we noted, this isn’t going to make you a Seal Team 6 member. Arguably it’s more of a toy to use than anything else. But it is a neat idea and a useful demonstration of what wearable technology can do on a practical level. And also it’ll offer that likely rather tiny intersection between gun owners and Google Glass owners an app that actually justifies their purchase of something utterly useless otherwise, so that’s nice.

Dan Seitz

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