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Google Debuts New OnHub Router, Promises to Simplify and Beautify Connectivity

Google OnHub Router
Wave your hand over the OnHub from ASUS (by Google) and it activates a special feature.

Generally speaking routers don’t serve as a center piece to your home’s living room.  In fact, they never do.  They’re anything but as they’re usually hidden away; behind a cabinet, in a cabinet or under something.  Google is looking to change that with their second OnHub router made by ASUS – their first OnHub debuted in August from TP-Link.

At $219.99 it’s most certainly at the top end for a wireless router.  So, needless to say, it better pull off a technology backflip or two.  That said, this OnHub does promise a few tricks up its sleeve, though it’s not clear how exactly it will all work.

  1. Waving your hand over the top of the 5.2-inch device activates a priority bandwidth setting. Which is to say it will prioritize bandwidth to a presumably predesignated device.  While the hand gesture component is new, the setting to set certain devices to the “front of the line” is not – most if not all modern routers have this feature – it’s called QoS or Quality of Service.
  2. The OnHub from Asus will also be able to detect the location of receiving devices and automatically select the best antennas to send WiFi over.  Apparently this feature will be retroactively added to the TP-Link OnHub router.
Google OnHub Router

The OnHub is aesthetically more pleasing than most routers on the market today.

In addition to the above, the OnHub router from ASUS will include the latest version of WiFi (802.11 AC), a 5Ghz network option, a single LAN (likely Gigabyte), and a USB 3.0 port for adding a hard drive or flash drive.

And about that “center piece” router play.  Well, as you can see from the pics, that this router is anything but traditional looking.  It’s more analgous to that of a Bluetooth speaker or something from the R&D labs at Dyson. Though I’m still not sure if that qualifies for “on show” status in my household.

The OnHub by ASUS is available for preorder starting today.

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