Google Assistant Now Available On DISH

Are you ready for hands-free TV on DISH? It’s here and it is made possible by Google Assistant. DISH has unveiled its new integration with Google Assistant so that you can free up your hands for things like your popcorn and drinks while you enjoy movies or TV shows. And let’s be honest, your smartphone too since that is always in your hands.

Just Use Your Voice

DISH customers who have a Hopper, Hopper Duo, Joey or Wally can control their TV using just their voice. DISH is actually the first pay-TV provider to partner with Google Assistant. This integration makes it easier than ever to turn your living room into a smart entertainment environment.

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And another big bonus is that the days of you searching for that remote are over. Hint: It’s probably in your couch cushion, but that’s okay, you won’t need it any longer anyway. You can pick up some spare change and brush away the debris while you’re in there.

You can ask Google Assistant to set recordings, change the volume, even launch apps like Game Finder, Netflix, Pandora and more. I would say that it puts all of these things at your fingertips, but that’s no longer true. It puts these features on the tip of your tongue.

Aside from that you can also Customers can also navigate, play, pause, fast-forward, rewind and search for content by channel, title, genre, or actor. The search results displayed will include DISH’s live, recorded and on-demand titles, plus you’ll also get Netflix’s selection of popular shows and movies.

Google Assistant Now Available On DISH
Its time to go hands-free.

Say Goodbye To Your Remote

For instance, you can ask it things like Change the channel to ABC, Show me Star Trek, Pause, Resume, Rewind 30 seconds and much more. To set it up on your system, all you have to do is download the Google Assistant app on a mobile device. This is a great move by DISH and comes hot on the heels of their World Cup coverage.

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