Goodman GSX13 Review

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Updated September 30, 2022
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88 Expert Rating

The Goodman GSX13 is one of many affordable central air conditioners focused on high efficiency and quiet operation, standing out via its low price tag and a slew of useful features. It’s Energy Star rated, it’s built with a quiet condenser fan motor for quieter operation, and it’s overall a solid unit that proves that good air conditioning doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Unless your Central A/C isn’t blowing cold air. Then, you definitely have a problem that might be costly.

If you’re looking for the best central air conditioner on a budget, the Goodman GSX13 is a solid contender, but its middling efficiency and faulty compressor design prevent it from being an immediate recommendation. Read on to learn more about this unit and how it compares to the industry’s top-rated air conditioners.

Why We Like It – Goodman GSX13

The Goodman GSX13 is a high-quality HVAC system that serves as proof that the Goodman brand is synonymous with quality even in the budget sector, providing a solid, reasonably energy-efficient air conditioner at an appealing price. It’s not quite as efficient as some of its competition, but it’s a compelling product that should serve most households well. You should know that one of its competitors by the same brand is the Goodman Central Air Conditioner (GSX 14).

  • Attractively priced
  • Split system design
  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Not as efficient as competitors
  • No two-stage power
  • Faulty compressor design


For its price, the Goodman GSX13 is a solid performer. It’s not at the same caliber as the higher-end Goodman Air Conditioner, which brings a great number of internal upgrades to the table, but it gets the job done cheaply and effectively. Like the Carrier Central Air Conditioner, it’s designed to operate quietly (relative to other ACs; any unit will be loud), and though it struggles a bit in extreme temps it’s good enough at cooling most households. A more versatile unit is the Haier 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, which features 3 cooling speeds and 3 fan speeds.

Energy Efficiency

Efficiency is decent but not great on the Goodman GSX13. When running optimally, it’s solid enough for a budget unit, rated for up to 14 SEERs; this isn’t the absolute best figure for a budget unit, but it’s not a poor one either. If efficiency is a concern, you’re best off either paying extra for a higher-end unit or turning your head to the Amana Air Conditioner instead. Goodman’s ComfortBridge technology is incorporated to improve efficiency, though its usage of single-phase power works against it.


The Goodman GSX13 comes with a factory-installed filter drier, meaning it’s adequately filtered. Filter driers work in two ways; the filter keeps particulate matter out, while the drier helps keep condensation and moisture out of the unit’s tubing. This in turn prevents it from freezing over, helping improve durability. This is unlike a dust filter, which you can read about in our Honeywell 525 729CFM evaporative cooler review.


Durability is a very mixed bag on the Goodman GSX13 due to poor quality control. Some units have faulty compressors that die after only a few years or even just a few months of operation, meaning your new unit is at risk of breaking at any time. Units without these faulty compressors are fine, but there’s no way of knowing if you’ve got one of the good ones or not until it dies.


Competitive pricing and decent efficiency make it abundantly clear that value is the main selling point of the Goodman GSX13. It handles heating, cooling, and filtration all at a low price. It’s not as good a value proposition as the slightly more efficient (and more reliable) Amana Air Conditioner, but it strikes a solid blend of price, efficiency, and value nonetheless.

Goodman GSX13 Wrap-up

Compared to other Goodman air conditioners it may not be the flashiest, but the GSX13 is a mostly solid product. It’s a bit hard to recommend over the Amana Air Conditioner, and its faulty compressor design doesn’t help its case at all, but when the unit works it’s good for all but the warmest climates and its low price is hard to ignore. If you’re willing to roll the dice and can’t spend extra on something better, it’s worth picking up, but I suspect many buyers will be better off picking up something else if at all possible.

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