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Goodman Central Air Conditioners are among the best central air conditioner brands because of their overall excellent SEER ratings and their compatibility with True HEPA Filters. They also stand apart because of their great warranty coverage, a trademark of the Goodman brand. Unfortunately, they also tend to be a bit noisy, which the GSX16 does little to mitigate.

Why We Like It – Goodman 3 Ton AC Unit

The Goodman 3 Ton AC Unit, specifically the GSX16, is a mid-range air conditioner available to those on a budget, who are looking for their first air conditioner, or who are looking to spend less money up front. The 16 SEER Rating also falls between the 14-16 guideline recommended for homeowners which is always nice.

  • Good SEER Rating for Houses
  • Compatible With True HEPA Filters
  • Copeland Constructed Compressors
  • Noisy
  • Less Energy Efficient
  • No Factory-Designated Installers


Goodman Air Conditioning Units traditionally have a good SEER rating, and this one is no exception and falls between the recommended 14-16 for homes like the Amana Air Conditioner. The single-stage compressor means the unit is less energy efficient though because the unit will always run at max power. The dB levels are high for central air conditioners so be prepared for some noise too. The PSC Condenser Fan won’t help with this noise level either.

Energy Efficiency

This Goodman Unit, as we’ve already seen, will always run at maximum power because of the single-stage compressor. So if you’re looking to save on energy costs in the long run this unit is probably not the best bet. Try the Carrier Central Air Conditioner if saving in the long term is your goal. However, the cooling capacity this central air conditioner will provide is going to be high quality all-year round.


Unlike a lot of other air conditioning units, the GSX16, like its cousin the Goodman Air Conditioner, is actually compatible with True HEPA Filters and thus provides a greater amount of comfort because of the cleaner air. They also feature an electronic air cleaner and a UV light for particle destroying as well as particle trapping.


The Goodman Brand offers compressors that are manufactured by Copeland. Copeland is, by far, the leading manufacturer when it comes to compressors in a heat pump or AC unit. The liquid line is a solid ⅜ inches and the suction line is also solid at ¾ inches. And let’s not forget about the innovative coil that’s made of aluminum to prevent corrosion and leaks between metal.


Goodman maintains their stellar tradition of backing up all their products with stellar warranties. These include a 2-Year Unit Replacement Limited Warranty and a 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty. Unfortunately, Goodman doesn’t have factory-designated installers because installation is probably the one area you don’t want to skimp on when it comes to Central AC. You’ll have to rely on HVAC installers instead.

Goodman 3 Ton AC Unit Wrap Up

The drawbacks of the Goodman Central Air Conditioner is the lack of Factory-Designated Installers and that it’s less energy-efficient than most other models because of the single-stage compressor. If you’re looking to save money up-front this is a fine machine. But if you’re looking for long-term savings, you’d do well to check out other Goodman models.

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