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Good Omens is a TV series on Amazon Prime Video. This series revolves around an angel and a demon working together to stop the antichrist. There is a divine plan unfolding, and it is surely to be a moment full of significant events. Hopefully you enjoy this series from our Best Shows On Amazon along with other series like The Americans.

Why We Like It – Good Omens Review

Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter Witch is an imaginative fantasy TV series where an angel and a demon attempt to stop the antichrist together. This show features little comical reliefs as the angel Aziraphale enjoys human experiences like sushi. This is a great show for anyone that can enjoy a comical fantasy.

  • Imaginative series
  • Great visuals
  • Multiple plots at different points in time


This series features David Tennant as Crowley the demon and Michael Sheen as Aziraphale the angel. They clash like awkward brothers throughout the show. There are also satanic nuns that are a treat to watch as they cause havoc. Aside from actors, there are some mythical creatures and plants that take the stage as well. If this series on the battle between heaven and hell is not what you’re looking for, the next best bet may be The Boys or Babylon 5.


The vibe around the lighting of the show is very obscure and dark to fit the hard time awaiting the characters. The setting takes place in London England. Both the angel and demon seem to live normal lives, but there are moments where they sprinkle in their powers every now and do things like magically refill their own alcohol supply. Throughout the show, there is a narrator that fills in some scenes to add more depth to the actions of the characters


This is a great show for anyone looking to watch a great battle of biblical proportions where good and evil fight the same battle against complete destruction. This show is sure to be great till the end as they move towards an inevitable Armageddon. There is only one season to see for now, so it is best to catch up now. The series will surely have you hooked with the ways the demons interact with the human world as they approach armageddon.

Good Omens Review Wrap Up

This is a series that can be both serious and comical at many times. The imaginative world of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett is sure to keep you hooked as the protagonists take on the antichrist along with the divine plan. This is a great series that showcases a vast imagination for fantasy while bringing in comical moments to balance it out.

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