GolfBoard Lets You Surf the Green…Sort Of

It’s always nice when something is exactly what it sounds like: GolfBoard is indeed a board that you ride when golfing, and may be a great way for younger players to jet around the course without renting expensive carts.

If you can get past the hipsterization of golf, GolfBoard actually does make a certain amount of sense. It is basically a large, motor-powered scooter designed to hold you and your clubs as you make your way to the next hole. You stand on it in a vaguely surf-like position, grip the hand rail, and propel yourself on via the 4WD, posi-traction system with four tires designed to ride on turf. The speed only goes up to 11 miles per hour, so there’s no danger of flying off unless you find a really steep sandpit.

The Board uses a thumb-throttle for steering via physical contact, but you can also activate the handheld wireless controller for an alternative method. Somewhat like a real scooter or Segway, you control your turns with your body weight, so a little bit of practice is probably necessary.


There are a couple different goals seen here. First, GolfBoard wants to make golfing faster, with the idea that you can hop off, make your swing, and hop back on, speeding up rotations and making everyone on the average golf course happy. Second, GolfBoard wants to make the experience more fun, particularly for a younger crowd that may look at golf as a boring sport designed for old people.

GolfBoard is leasing primarily to clubs and resorts by offering Boards in addition to carts and, presumably caddies (would this cut into club revenue?). According to the company, more than 100 courses have already put in leasing orders, perhaps with an eye on those younger consumers. However, you can also buy your own – unlike carts, these can actually fit in a smaller space, perhaps along with your clubs. However, the price is pretty steep: According to the website, you’ll have to shell out $6,500 to ride one of these babies.

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