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Ditch The Golf Cart, Opt For the Golf Skate Caddy (video)

Golf Skate Caddy 1

Golf carts are so old news… Next time you want to hit the greens, opt for the new Golf Skate Caddy (GSC) that takes the gold transport vehicle to another level. Instead of the traditional golf cart you drive, this Caddy lets you glide over the course as if you were surfing a wave. Think of it as a grown man’s skateboard with a motor and golf club compartments. Developed back in 2011, the GSC is the result of years of hard work, fusing together board, motor, batter and dynamic technology to offer an edgy and fun alternative to other golf transport vehicles like single player ride-on units and golf carts. With the GSC, you stand  on it while holding onto a mono handle that adds stability and control to your ride. There’s also a special caddy for your golf bag and attachment provisions for your essentials such as scorecard holder, umbrella holder, water bottle holder, sand bucket and more.

Golf Skate Caddy 2

The GSC features LED control switching and indicator panel, high-quality custom-shaped sealed laminated deck, a rear spring loaded quick remove compartment seat for quick rest in between holes (that can’t be used while driving), and a variable  speed / variable braking hand held wireless 2.4Ghz trigger controller with forward & reverse function. It’s powered by a 18AH Lithium Iron LifePo4 battery and a 1000W  high torque brushless motor featuring computer controlled soft start. Optional is a rear spring loaded quick remove 6-pack cooler seat to store all your cold beverages.

Golf Skate Caddy


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