GoKey Is A Keychain Sized Portable Charger

We’ve covered several portable chargers here at GadgetReview, but today, we came across another excellent device, dubbed as GoKey, which combines the power of four gadgets into one: charger, device locator, USB cable and a flash drive. Yes, it combines all these features into one keychain-sized device, which can be carried in a keychain for easy access. It comes with support for both the lightning connector, as well as the microUSB port for the both Android and Windows Phone devices.

GoKey Charger

GoKey comes with a 400 mAh battery which the company claims can provide as much as two hours of battery life. This should be enough for the user to get home. It can even be used as a USB cable, which can be used to transfer data from the phone, or sync it. The most interesting feature is the device locator.

There are times when we misplace our device, in that case, simply press the button on the GoKey, and the smartphone will start making noise. Similarly, if you misplace the keys, GoKey’s smartphone app can help you locate the keys as well. It connects with the smartphone via Bluetooth. As far as the storage is concerned, it comes with 8GB, 16GB and 32GB options.

The product is currently seeking funds on Indiegogo. The company already raised $245,000 against their goal of $40,000 with 20 more days to go. If you think it’s something useful, head over to Indiegogo, and make a pledge. The 8GB is expected to hit retail for $69, while the 16GB and 32GB version will come with a $79 and $89 price tag.

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